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Moschino Attacks Itself, Celebrates Fashion at its Most Playful

Our Favorite Show of Spring-Summer 2016 (So Far): Moschino

jeremy-scott-moschinoIf anyone can fire a self-referential, confetti-filled bazooka at branding while still putting on one of the most playful and fashionable shows of 2016, surely that man is Jeremy Scott. With his unabashedly fun, cartoon-inspired sensibility, he was also surely the right man to succeed Rossella Jardini at Moschino.

Scott’s latest collection does what all great fashion collections do. Rather like Versace’s collection last season, push the boundaries forward while channeling the best of multiple cultures and eras. In this case, Scott mashes Japanime with swinging London, ‘50s prom dress chic, 1800s saloon burlesque, and a retro-futuristic industrial sensibility reminiscent of Kraftwerk and Looney Tunes.

If that seems like an awful lot of ground to cover in one show, it’s only because an awful lot happened in 17 minutes.

If that seems like an awful lot of ground to cover in one show, it’s only because an awful lot happened.

$500? We'll take 2!
$500? Why pay rent? We’ll take 2!

Topping it all off was the bit of fun at the brand’s own expense. After all, if you’ve ever wanted to spend $500 on a cap — rather than, say, rent — that’s 90% branding, Moschino has always been the place to do that.

And yet, there’s something comforting and refreshing about the honesty. Leave the not-very-subtle, status-building brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci to the people who feel they need a bit of a push among their peers. (Probably the same people who live out of their Lexus, BMW or Mercedes.)

This logo shows you're not to be trifled with
This logo shows you’re not to be trifled with
These stripes show you're a big shot
These stripes show you’re a big shot
This pattern means you're "rich"
This pattern means you’re “rich”

Moschino’s branding is right where it needs to be: with a good bit of not taking itself too seriously.

Moschino’s branding is right where it needs to be.

The Show
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