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Channeling Paris Chic: Monochromatic Style

Paris Style Report

haley-bowen-fwoOver the course of the two months I’ve been in Paris, I’ve seen the monochromatic — containing or using only one color — look everywhere. Whether you’re strolling the Champs-Élysées or going out for the night, Parisians keep their looks simple and chic by choosing a singular color such as gray, paired with multiple pieces varying in shades and textures of that color for an interesting and aesthetically pleasing final outfit.

Although in Paris the streets are typically filled with monochromatic outfits of all black or navy, you will occasionally find bystanders in other neutrals like grays, beiges, greens, and soft muted brown tones throughout the hustling and crowded streets.

Monochrome looks are stylish and effective in keeping a look clean and easy: and since you are only using one color throughout the entire outfit, it’s easy to mix fun textures such as fur or velvet with a leather or cotton piece and be able to get away with it!

Monochrome looks help keep a look clean and easy.

The typically Parisian cutting-edge monochrome is effortlessly accomplished with a piece such a little black dress (LBD) and long black trench coat, paired with black heels for sexiness and an added classic feel. All-black looks are popular among Parisians because they exude a feeling of conservativeness mixed with elegance, which reflects their Catholic-based culture.

All-black looks exude a feeling of conservativeness mixed with elegance.

Alternatively popular among Parisians is the androgynous, or masculine approach: pairing a black top and trouser with an oversized blazer or jacket and loafer. On the other hand, monochromatic looks can be feminine and luxurious using blush and pinky tones or creams, or by mixing chunky knit and lush fabrics with fitted contemporary pieces.

Monochromatic looks can be feminine and luxurious using blush and pinky tones or creams.

When styling your next outfit, keep in mind a few things:

One color does not mean boring. Varying shades of a single color add depth and interest to the final result, whether the color is black, beige, or even red. Remember that monochrome is all about simplicity, effortlessness, and sometimes saving room in your closet.

So whether you’re in Paris or some other part of this big world, keep in mind that fashion and trends are constantly evolving into chicer and better versions of themselves. So don’t be afraid to branch out into this new variety of singular styling and have fun with what you wear.

Fashion and trends are constantly evolving into chicer and better versions of themselves.

So now it’s up to you: pick your favorite color and put this new Parisian trend to the test.


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