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Mondo Guerra Interviewed by Eila Mell of FWO

A Pattern of Success

We’re still thinking about Mondo Guerra’s stunning Fall Winter ’17 collection at Fashion Gallery during NYFW.

If you’re thinking Guerra’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he placed second in the 8th season of Project Runway, going on to win Season 1 of Project Runway All Stars. Guerra’s FW17 collection served as a revival of what fans have been missing most about his collections — print, print, and more print!

Guerra’s runway cast consisted of a diverse group of models, reflecting the progressive changes in the modeling world, and reflecting real people. The designer revealed how fun it was to work with such a diverse cast.

Guerra’s runway cast consisted of a diverse group of models.

Eila Mell of Fashion Week Online caught up with Guerra after his show to talk about his creative process, his appreciation for individuality, and his diverse modeling cast selection.

Patterned on Life

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(Photos by Anna Bela)

Interview by Eila Mell

Q: So, how long has this collection been in the works for you?

Well, I didn’t go back for Christmas, so it’s been awhile. But I think I have to let ideas sit with me for awhile. They kind of haunt me. So, if I see something that reminds me of some other idea I’ve had, it’s kind of a sign. I really understand that about myself. So it’s probably been sitting with me since Thanksgiving.

When I start thinking about ideas, they kind of haunt me.

Q: You have a lot of fans. Do you feel like people have been waiting and waiting for you to show at fashion week?

Oh, jeez! I think so. And I also think that a lot of people who appreciate my work have been waiting for me to do print again. Because there were a couple of seasons when I was doing all-black, all-white, and then I did all-navy … don’t ask me why I did that!

I really wanted to get back into print, because I knew that’s what a lot of people wanted from me. But through this collection, I really understood myself, and I was really able to edit it back.

I really wanted to get back into print.

I realize for a lot of people, it might not have looked like I edited it, but there was a lot of editing down, and I really appreciate how it came out.

When I knew I was going to show at New York Fashion Week, I was like, “So I’m a designer. How am I supposed to act? How am I supposed to react? How am I supposed to present this? What are people going to think?”

And a couple of days ago, when I was in the studio by myself, really early in the morning, I remembered what my my mom always tells me. “Just be yourself and people will really understand what you’re doing.”

Just be yourself and people will really understand what you’re doing.

And I felt like tonight was proof of that.

Q: Absolutely! I mean, you may not realize this, but people just love you so much.

Thank you! And you know what, I love people, too.

One of my favorite things about being in New York is being inspired by everybody’s individuality. I love to ride the subway and look at people. And just fantasize about what their story might be — you know, where they’re going, what they’re going to do. It’s just very inspiring.

And bottomline, I think that’s what the collection is about.

I sort of tease that my collection looks like the United Nations! I just have so many different kinds of people in my collection, so it was a lot of fun to cast.

My collection looks like the United Nations!

Q: It was so good! And that last model was so tall and gorgeous. Wow!

Honestly, we didn’t do the lineup until they were lined up, and then we switched them around. And when I told her she was going to close the show, she was so excited!

Q: It’s a big honor!

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I like to see that excitement and the joy from the models as well.

Q: And you even had models that weren’t so tall, which is nice to see.

The “norms” of the modeling world are changing quite a bit, you know? And we’re able to present our work in a different way.

Q: I think it’s great, and the collection was amazing, and we can’t wait to see more from you, Mondo!


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