Mimii Spring Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Mimii Spring Summer 2020 Ready-to-wear Collection

Represented by Totem Fashion.

Tmimii [’mi:mi] (noun), name acquired through her uncle’s nickname to happiness. Based in Paris, France. Created in 2018.

Known for the voluminous, colourful, energetic, fantastical and surreal pieces of clothing. Categorised as “you can wear them whenever you want”.


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  1. Every single piece is made by hand and embodies a craftsmanship that derives from embroidery, paint, fabric manipulation… The range goes from ready-to-wear clothing to extremely elaborated garments.
  2. All the pieces are made in house by three generations of women.
  3. Known for their quilted “A” line dresses.
  4. Inspired by a countless amount of painters from the 20th century, day to day life and honest strangers.
  5. Their studio resembles that of a circadian rhythm of colours.
  6. The presentation will take place on the – 25th of September 2019 – in Paris.
  7. Where you will enter a Parisienne apartment with girls that will be dancing around in their white braids
  8. You will be drinking ‘spanish’ wine and lured by a soprano and a tenor.


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