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Miami Swim Week Model Casting 2018

How to Model at Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week casting information here.

Miami Swim Week is just around the corner, and many girls looking to becoming models seize upon it as an opportunity to break into this competitive industry.

A couple of days before the actual event, major swimwear brands will hold casting calls to look for models who will be strutting their stuff on the runway.

The best way to model at Miami Swim Week in is, as always, by going to casting calls. Casting often takes place a few days before runway show. There are at least 20 swimwear companies, and all of them are looking for models to be part of their presentations. While top designers generally opt to employ the services of a modeling agency, there are those who choose to work with girls who are not yet signed.. And more often than not, those girls get signed to agencies right after swim week.

Audition to as Many Fashion Shows as Possible

You should apply to as many modeling and fashion gigs as possible during swim week. Each designer has individual preferences based on the collection shown, and what might not work for one, might be perfect another. You should also remember that there are no “small gigs” in the industry. Small jobs can lead to bigger ones. However, it is important that you accept jobs only from trusted sources. If the offer is too good to be true, then it might be a scam. Trust what your gut tells you.

You should only accept jobs only from trusted sources.

Research the Designer and Company

Before venturing into castings, you should research the designer and the swimwear brand. A model must be comfortable working with the designer throughout swim week. If you can’t wear the swimwear made by the designer, then you should not waste your time, and the designer’s time.

Be Ready with Your Portfolio

During casting, it can help to have a model portfolio with you. If you bring one, be sure that it contains photos that were taken by a professional. You should avoid including photos taken during holidays or hanging with friends. And because it is swim week, make sure that the portfolio includes photos of you wearing a swimsuit.

Preparing Physically for Swim Week

Although things are changing industry wide, traditionally swimsuit models have flat tummies and should have slim thighs and waists. In order to achieve those, you need exercise, and the right diet. A flat tummy can be achieved through planking and other exercises. For slimmer legs, you can do lunges, kicks, Pilates, and yoga.

Diet is important for bikini models. But instead of starving yourself, you should lose weight in an efficient manner. Try to consume good calories and proteins that will provide you with nutrients and energy to last throughout Miami Swim Week. Drink plenty of water and have a healthy lifestyle. Follow these tips, and you will have a swimsuit body that’s to die for.

Here are some tips on how to model at swim week. It is important to have lots of patience and discipline, along with a large dose of confidence, in order to be one of the models walking the runway in Miami.


Casting info. here

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