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Miami Swim Week Dates, Events, and Venues for 2017 / 2018

More Info. and Fun Pre-Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week happens every July. For the 2018 season (happening in July 2017: you know the drill), the shows have been scheduled for July 20 to July 25.

Swim Week acts as a platform for building relationships, launching various swimwear products and connecting buyers with suppliers in a friendly atmosphere.

One fixture of Swim Week, the Swim Show — held by the Swimwear Association of Florida — is hosted at the Miami Beach Convention Center. With participators from more than 60 countries spanning the world, it is a mega show that attracts more than 3,000 buyers to come, see, and buy the latest swimwear styles.

2017’s Shows Will Be Special

Embracing new trends and giving people exemplary swim wear designs for over three decades, the Swim Show will be completely different this year, with more than just swimwear. The organizers have invited major artists, designers, and other fashion icons to come and entertain people during the events.

A Bit Different From Last Year’s Events

Last season, people were given the opportunity to interact face to face with the designers of various swimwear products, and they had the opportunity to ask questions and give their views regarding the products. This time it will be different, as there will be a VIP service where people will sit in the same raw with the designers and test swimwear products first before others buy. Don’t miss this one, as it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind show, considering that services like champagne butler service, private lounge area, and Wi-Fi access will be available.

Arrangement of Events

From Saturday to Tuesday every 9:00am – 10:30am daily there will be breakfast in various lavish restaurants. You can enjoy breakfast as you wait for the intense activities of the event to kick off. Various kinds of dishes are normally served, but if you need something specific, you can request that it get prepared for you. On Sunday, there will be the Exhibitor seminar where people will be taught on the various legal issues affecting the swimwear fashion industry. On 3:30pm – 4:30pm Daily from Saturday to Tuesday, there will be the High Tea period where people will drink tea as they relax after participating in various activities. People will be at the Swim Lounge on Saturday and Monday evenings 6:00pm – 7:30pm where they will enjoy private swimming.

The shows are well organized and arranged to ensure that every attender is individually addressed and entertained. From accommodation, meals to your transportation to various destinations, the organizers have it all under control.

What Are Resort Fashion Shows And When Do They Occur?

There are an increasing number of fashion weeks around the world. One of the most confusing parts of fashion shows for shoppers is the dates of the various weeks and why stores start selling the next season’s items in the middle of the current season.

What Are Swim / Resort Shows?

The term “resort” comes from its origins in Old French, to “go out again,” as resort collections were designed for people who were going to be traveling to warm areas to escape colder climes. While the rise of Internet shopping has made buying seasonal clothing easier, many brands still have resort fashion shows. In fact, they’re becoming more popular as awareness of fashion week itself grows.

Today, resort fashion shows are not really about showing lines that are meant to be taken traveling. However, there a few lines that still create collections with that goal in mind. Instead, most fashion brands use resort fashion weeks to show their “pre-collections.” These collections are very important for fashion brands because most pieces in a pre-collection are designed to be more wearable pieces — as in the case of Louis Vuitton using similar embellishments on a dress for autumn/winter and an oversized sweater in the resort line. There are many other examples of this, and you can easily see the continuing patterns, especially if you compare a fashion week show to a resort show.

“Pre-collections” are also meant to bridge the gap between the time fall/winter clothes go on sale, and before spring lines are fully released. This is why you will see a mixture of heavy and light fabrics and different cuts and styles in these fashion shows. These are also the collections that are available for sale the longest amount of time, due to the release dates.

When Do Resort Fashion Shows Take Place?

Resort fashion shows are on a different schedule than other fashion weeks. Most times, the fall/winter fashion weeks take place in February and March, and September is the home of the spring/summer fashion weeks.

Most brands host their resort fashion shows during summer. However, we are seeing more brands having two resort fashions show a year. The time period of November to January is becoming the other popular time to show resort wear and other “pre-collections.” The release date of most resort lines is around mid-November, but this date may change depending on the store and the brand.

Resort fashion was originally intended to showcase clothing that you would take on vacation. This is why resort fashion shows have different dates from many fashion weeks. These fashion shows can include everything from sneak peeks of the spring/summer lines and swimsuits to heavier spring clothing. Over the years, resort and swim fashion shows have become more about bridging the gap between fall/winter and spring/summer.

Brands to Watch at Miami Swim Week

What brands should you watch out for at Miami Swim Week? Here are just a few:

Jade Swim

This swim label was launched by Marie Claire’s senior fashion market editor, Brittany Kozerski. She included simple pieces that focused on the silhouette. The pieces also included fabric that shapes the body in order to smooth out any imperfections. Brittany admitted that she took on the project during a very busy season, but she noted that there is no time like the present.

Monica Hansen Beachwear

As a former model, Monica also broke into the scene with her collection as a newbie. Her focus was on the 1970s hippies movement and on pieces were made in Italy.

For Love and Lemons

This is another brand to look out for at Miami Swim Week. With a vast use of bridal and neutral undertones, For Love and Lemons also maximizes on beautiful one-pieces with high cuts, cutouts, and lace.

Malia Jones Collection<

The Metallic Moment wowed through its use of simple yet subtle metallics and structured styles. The ability to turn something that people would shy away from into something that people fall over themselves to buy is a gift. That is why Malia Jones in such a force to be reckoned with.

Ward Whillas

Ward Whillas once again stunned with reversible swimwear that is both functional and fun recommended you read. The line came in with new impressive cuts that set a trend for swimwear lovers. With this kind of reputation, Ward Whillas is one to watch this upcoming Swim Week.

Solid and Striped

This brand always has new ways to surprise us at Miami Swim Week. The Need for Neon collection incorporated neon colors mixed up with deep luxe colors, to add a playful side to their signature striped look. Keep an eye on this brand as well.

Lonely Label

The “ribbed swim” look featured high-waist silhouettes that were simple and chic. This collection from Lonely had pieces that incorporated lycra fabric and lace up tops and backs. This brand is one to watch at next swim week.

Miami Swim Week presents creative designers and brands that set global trends for swimwear. It gets better every year, and though it is not open-to-the-public, that should not dissuade anyone from following the fun one way or another (esoecially when it comes to after-parties!).

And if you’re looking to update your summer look by upgrading your swimwear, keep an eye on Swim Week so you can see all the upcoming trends.


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