Meet Melanie de Jong, Fashion Illustrator


Our featured illustrator Melanie de Jong is a freelancer working in Zwaag, the Netherlands.

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Melanie de Jong

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Melanie’s way of looking at this world can be called different; she loves art, beautiful fabrics, theater, music, costume dramas, and especially periods from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s.

She loves losing herself in beautiful costume dramas by Jane Austen or Charlotte Brontë, and the drama she feels there is reflected in her work. She is always looking for an image that touches her, tells a story.

By showing the beauty of fashion, she takes people into her world.

She became active on instagram @melaniedejong.illustrator in 2015 and you can also admire her work at

In 2017 she started “Monday Shoe” on Instagram, painting a shoe by a certain designer each week.

In 2018 she has chosen another fashion item and called it “A Bag on Wednesday.”

In the future she wants to continue her specialization in researching social movements, making trend analyses, and working on concept development and visualization.


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