“Make a Wish”: Trinity Faith Moran to Walk #NYFW with Naeem Khan

With thanks to the Star Telegram.

Trinity Faith Moran: Fashion Forward


Via Star Telegram
Via Star Telegram
Beautiful and courageous are just two words that describe Trinity Faith Moran, an 11-year-old fifth-grader from Texas who has endured several months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

The cancer was diagnosed in June, after Trinity took a trip to visit her father, Jay Moran, in Destin, Fla. Shortly after arriving, Trinity’s health took a sharp and sudden downturn. What first appeared to be a stomach virus turned out to be far more serious.

Without warning, life changed for Trinity, a girl who loves modeling, fashion, drawing Anime figures, and playing Minecraft online with her friends.

Trinity loves modeling, fashion, drawing Anime figures and playing Minecraft with her friends

Now, thanks to Make a Wish, Trinity will be walking in the Naeem Khan show at NYFW on February 17th.

She’ll wearing a dress made especially for her by Naeem!

She’ll be walking the runway in a dress made especially for her by Naeem Khan.

trinity moran

Although the show won’t be live-streamed this year, we’ll be live-streaming behind the scenes on February 17th at 11:15 AM EST (10:15 CST, 8:15 AM PST), and are hoping to catch up with her then.

You can also donate to help her family through GoFundMe:

$8k of $12k raised


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Official Website: Make a Wish

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