Lutz Huelle Paris Fashion Week SS18

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Lutz Huelle presented a smart, sexy collection this Paris Fashion Week that was street-wise and just a little avant garde.

Studied asymmetry gave the collection an edgy feel, with fascinating cut-and-paste juxtapositions that included denim on lace. And the exaggerated sleeves on some of the looks teased the collection into the realm of the conceptual.

Lutz Huelle: Paris Fashion Week

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When parts of clothing cease to have function (as in sleeves that extend a foot or so past the hands), they enter the realm of artwork (or at least beyond the degree that fashion already is). The trick (if finding appeal at retail is the goal), is to stay grounded among a core audience. Huelle accomplishes this by imbuing the collection with a street-smart appeal: a sort of sass-by-way-of-cut.

Huelle imbues the collection with a street-smart appeal

According to the designer: “Thinking of how to renew the bomber jacket, I ended up with just the round shape of a ball. Cut in techno taffetas they are both practical and highly glamorous. The real bombers, in collaboration with Alpha Industries, are used in their smallest and most feminine shape and elongated with lace or silver jacquard.

“Denim jackets are cut into panels; elongated with the same panels — cut in lace or net fabric — they turn into long sweeping coats or dresses. The same panels are cut out of denim pants to reveal the legs inside — jeans for very hot days!”

For Spring 2018, Huelle succeeded in creating looks that blended concept with pragmatism, for those who want to add a little street cred to their sartorial dossier.


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