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Lord and Tailor: Andrew Gn Pre-Fall 2017, Paris

Lord and Tailor

There seems to be a statement hidden somewhere in Andrew Gn’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Or maybe the message isn’t so much hidden as explicit. At any rate, it seems to be saying, “In case you weren’t yet aware, I am something of a master.”

Of course in our age of politesse, no one would dare say such a thing (unless perhaps they were an inexplicably appointed leader of a first world superpower, who will remain nameless in case, by uttering his name, he should appear).

But Gn says it nonetheless.

Or maybe it’s just, when skill reaches a certain level, the work says it, regardless of what the designer might say or even think.

Maybe when skill reaches a certain level, the work says it.

The new collection began as study of legendary couturier Mariano Fortuny’s surface details (or so Vogue tells us), and evolved into an astonishing collection that channels everything from Elizabethan couture to svelte, Spanish silhouettes: running the gamut from comfortable to severe, and sometimes entertaining both in equal parts.

Here is boho. Here is gaucho luxe. Here is red carpet wear.

Gn defies categorization, leaving one unmistakable impression: that of a man on the verge of — or perhaps already at — something for the ages, closer to haute couture than ready to wear.

Divine Dress

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