What to Look Forward to at New York Fashion Week 2018

New York Fashion Week 2018: What to Expect

The official NYFW 2018 schedule is already coming together. (February will be Fall 2018 in fashion-week terms. Yes, we know, we know.)

Yep, every season, new looks will be shown at New York Fashion Week, and 2018 will be no exception. Just as last season carried different surprises, more are on the way as we venture into the new year. Different fashion designers will showcase their creativity. Here is a summary of what we expect to see, even as we look back on last season:

Delpozo`s 2018 Spring collection

Delpozo`s collection which is a Spanish brand will show in 2018 New York Fashion Week. You will see the all the collection from Delpozo that has have been imported to New York. With a unique positioning, the designer describes his collections as pretty, and he shows a great appetite for art and architecture training. He obviously is a master tailor, and great colorists no wonder he has a good liking for artistic designs. This means that the women who love his fashion are women of great confidence, are daring women and a busy diary with several meetings either social or business meetings. To put the record straight, wives of the some of the world’s most powerful men have worn his collection. This is in reference to Michelle Obama. This is a designer with talent and creative sophistication, and we can describe him as elevated and grown up, and it will be great to see those characteristics in 2018 NYFW collection.

Michael Kors Features at 2018 New York Fashion Week

He always has a good taste of what women like to wear for different functions including meetings, dinner parties, and even to the theatre. His New York Fashion Week 2018 collection includes a good idea of laid-back beach vibes for men and women, but he really made more essential pieces for the women. 2018 NYFC look up to his tie-dye sweatshirt made in multi-ply cashmere with some nice looking lines of cotton and boots. To sum it up he adds cashmere blanket. This is an amazing wear that looks nice even on those hot days. Kors collection will run the gamut from full-on vacation wear to singular items that are designed for an out of office feeling. This is a talented designer who knows how to make casual wear work for a simple city life. His customers will always love his neutrality in designing attires that look okay in office and also as casual wear.

Ralph Lauren 2018 NYFW Collection

He loves fashion but not more than cars. His fashion runway has been transformed into a garage, and he displays some of the most expensive vehicle brands. One of them is a 1938 classic Bugatti estimated to be worth $40 million. His collection features an elegance of a tuxedo that is still not simple to beat, and he spins on the look with a strong shoulder. His collection is also likely to please high profile women both traditional and also modern.

2018 New York Fashion Week will be a great series of shows worth attending, as we expect even more creativity and pizzazz from these designers.

The advent of VR fashion in general is also a development, as we expect the movie Ready Player One to create a surge on interest in virtual reality technology.


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