A Look Back at the Year in New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Retrospective

If you missed February and September New York Fashion Weeks, in addition to the political statements and celebrations of diversity, it was a great year for (gasp!) fashion and style, as well. (Truth be told, we were pretty excited about the larger social aspects as well. Even if designers like Taoray Wang seemed oblivious to everything.)

Orange Took The Spotlight

Maybe orange really is the new black! One of the biggest trends from the show was that orange took a heavy presence. Tom Ford and Calvin Klein both had models wearing brilliant orange outfits. Besides what was debuted on the top models accessories and other clothes also featured orange. Replacing pink and black, orange might just be the new color.

Black Is Out, White Is In

Most people say that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day but at the New York Fashion Week we saw a good amount of white. This was in the form of a uniform/suit style outfit. As other industry experts note, a Tide pen would be a good companion for this outfit.

Sporty Look

Multiple fashion stars made the move to go sporty. Whether it is traditional sporty appearance or flashy sporty, both appeared at the show. Showing a little tummy with these outfits isn’t out of the question. Many of them have also been paired with a set of heels.

Remember when it was cool for men to have fringe on their jackets? Now that style is coming back for women but it isn’t limited to jackets. Fringes were added to all sorts of styles at this year’s New York Fashion Week. While most of the fringes had a flair for long fringes while a few had shorter ones. Even the sporty style mentioned above incorporated some fringe.

Tie It On Up

There are a lot of different designs and styles out there but you can add a little extra flair to your outfit with a simple tie. One way is to tie a sweater around your waist but you can also add sleeves when you don’t need them and multiple designs saw artificial sleeves added on to outfits. It doesn’t even have to look completely believable.

Vertical Stripes

All kinds of outfits from dresses to rompers featured vertical stripes. These stripes tend to make you appear as if you were taller and depending on how they are worn, will also help to make you thinner in the process.

The Fanny Pack Is Back

Maybe it’s the success of Stranger Things, but For those who weren’t already in the know, this year showed the return of an old fashion style, the fanny pack. Whether it is a sporty fanny pack, a geeky one, or something that looks ancient, people are wearing them. Another style for the fanny pack is for it to be worn over the shoulder.

Flowing Trains

Whether on a coat or a dress the train made a solid appearance at New York Fashion Week. Both solid color trains and transparent ones were seen. As were trains of all lengths and sizes. A good number of the trains featured a long V-neck style down the middle. A train can go with any outfit now, not just a wedding gown or a gala.

Why Hide The Belly?

One style that raised a few eyebrows was in the Eckhaus Latta Spring 2018 collection. Instead of hiding the belly of their pregnant model, they opened the belly up and let it be exposed. Taking pride in being a woman and in being a mother is important and this style helps to instill that. Plus it goes to show that pregnancy doesn’t mean you don’t get to be fashionable.
New York Fashion Week brought a lot of big trends to the fashion world. There will be a lot of things for you to wear in 2018. But take the styles you saw at Fashion Week and start creating your own. The only question left now, is what will Fashion Week 2018 bring? Will it continue on any of the styles from this year? Or will it change?

What’s Next for NYFW 2018?

We think interest in virtual and augmented reality will increase with the debut of Spielberg’s Ready Player One. Unless it sucks. Which we hope it won’t, since we loved the book. We know the future of fashion (as in most things) will be in virtual and augmented reality. Which means true VR fashion isn’t far off, and with it, a VR Fashion Week, in conjunction with RNWY.

So get those VR goggles ready, since you’ll be using them for fashion week watchin’, virtual fittings, and much more. After all, the NYFW schedule for 2018 is already coming together.

Samsung and Microsoft are already in the game. (Apple, are you listening?)


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