A Fun Accessory for All Seasons: Meet Loluma’s Suburbs

Loluma’s Suburbs

Joachim Nordwall wanted to create an accessory for his wife’s birthday, and that idea became LOLUMA’S SUBURBS.

No stranger to design, Nordwall has worked the Swedish hypercar brand Koenigsegg, and even helped the mega-whitegoods company Electrolux design the ultra-luxury brand Grand Cuisine, as well as the SPORK for LMF.


LOLUMA’S SUBURBS is an accessory with a classic design to be worn at any time, whether you are on the beach or on the red carpet. Only your imagination will limit the way you wear it.

The LOLUMA’S scarves are named after favourite suburbs and places the his family have visited over the years. LOLUMA’S is a timeless accessory lifestyle brand, not following any specific season.

Just relax and enjoy your LOLUMA’S.

Loluma’s Suburbs

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Interview with Designer Joachim Nordwall

Q: What is Loluma’s Suburbs?
LOLUMA’S is accessory brand that erases the border between jewelry and accessories.

erases the border between jewelry and accessories

Q: Who / what is Loluma’s for?
For anyone who want’s an accessory that works for any occasion and can be combined in infinite ways — for a gala evening, on the beach, or in a fancy ski resort.

Loluma’s will make you feel dressed even if you are naked.

You can use your Loluma’s as a bracelet, neckless, belt, or whatever you desire.

use it as a bracelet, neckless, belt, or whatever you desire

Q: Where does the name come from?
It’s an acronym from the founders children’s and their dog’s name.

Q: What are your future plans for the brand?
We are just launching the brand so we will see how it will be received. Our goal is to extend the collection and possibly design a more testosterone-influenced collection, as well.

Q: What does the brand stand for?
We are a classic brand not depending on any season. We are selling to a global market and only online. We are an environmentally conscious brand, constantly aiming to improve our awareness and methods to contribute to save the planet.

We are an environmentally conscious brand

Finally, if we become profitable, the dream would be to start a donation program for the environment and for children in need.

Not just because it sounds good, but because we actually care.


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