Linder Fall Winter 2019 Menswear Collection

Linder Fall Winter 2019 Menswear Collection

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Since FW18, Linder Menswear has used clothing as a conduit of narrative. The FW19 collection is now rooted in a famous and intriguing historical story early in the last century, the reign and execution of the Russian Royal Family: The House of Romanov.

Late 19th century, the last ruler of Russia Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra have four daughters, Grand Duchesses; Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia and the youngest, a son, Tsarevich and heir apparent Alexei who suffers from hemophilia a blood disease , an omen to their ominous fortune. In a desperate attempt to cure him, the Romanov family opens their door to peasant Grigori Rasputin, a supposed healer and holy man who one night ‘cures’ Alexei and is kept close to the family thereafter. Though in time his presence in the palace undermines Russian’s faith in the monarchy, the desperate parents are chained to his supposed abilities.

Linder Fall Winter 2019 Menswear Collection

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As unrest grows, by 1918 the Romanov Family is torn from their palace and exile d in Siberia. One night the Bolsheviks guards round up the Tsar Nicholas, Tsarina Alexandra, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Tsarevich Alexei, the heir apparent to the Imperial Russian throne. They are sat down for execution to eradicate the bloodline. As rounds and rounds of bullets are fired , they seem to miraculously ricochet off the children leaving the guards in awe and terrified believing them to be deities or protected by God himself. They are bayonetted and finally killed…what is revealed beneath the children’s clothing are an immense amount of royal jewels sewn through out their undergarments (spandex leggings and turtlenecks covered in Romanov jewels are worn beneath the collections outer layers) treasures they believed would be a way to buy their freedom. Through brutal execution the 300 year dynasty of the House of Romanov is ended.

Now a century after these events, the FW19 Menswear Collection uses the story of the Romanovs as an allegory to the Fashion Industry and the disruption we see happening at the end of this decade. Fashion is in a volatile time full of regime changes, upheaval, and ultimately a deep identity shift. Is it as out of touch to what society wants and needs as the Romanovs were at the last of their reign. Is it possible that it is systematically undermined by a rebel group who has no plan for the future to rebuild what structures they destroy, but yearn for a change of guard for the sake of change alone. Have charlatans infiltrated the palace, poisoning creative minds with their envy and their dark, manipulative character.


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