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Life’s a Beach: Pop-Up Shops During Miami Swim Week

Life’s a Beach: Pop-Up Shops During Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week is the largest swimwear show in the world. People from around the world take a trip to Miami Beach, not just to watch the runway shows or to get some sun, but to visit the pop-up shops of designers and fashion houses at the shows. Since Miami Swim Week is also a trade show, you can find amazing deals if you are willing to look closely. Here are some areas that offer pop-up shops where you can shop.


Funkshion is the longest running event in Miami Swim Week, which started in 2003. In the past, Funkshion was the only runway tent that was on South Beach. However, Swim Miami also had a tent on South Beach in 2016. Funkshion is still the largest tent show with two runways, a lounge, and a KYBOE pop-up shop inside. Many other pop-up shops can be found nearby since most of the events are not open to the public.


Dive is a younger show because it is only in its third year. Dive is different compared to other shows because the show is run by a former producer of Made Fashion Week in New York, which helps launch new labels and misfit brands. There are shows for both ladies and men’s wear during the Dive show. A pop-up shop carrying a variety of brands is normally open during and after the show. This makes it easy for you to buy the pieces that you saw on the runway. It should be noted that most years, the pop-up shop is only open in the afternoon and closes around 9pm.

Where to Find Pop-up Shops?

Along with the pop-up shops at the runway shows, there are some brands that host their own pop-up shops. These usually include local boutiques and fashion brands like As a Boutique, which had a pop-shop in one of the luxury hotels in Miami.

If you are looking for pop-up shops that are open to the public, your best option is to look for events and shows that are not invitation only. Most private events only allow the event guests to shop at their pop-shop, so most only have one or two shops.

Public events and areas around them will most times have large numbers of shops because they are trying to sell both their new lines and older pieces. This is where many brands get their start and make most of their money. It is common to see still photographers and fashion magazine editors at public pop-up shops, so they can find new designers who have amazing styles.

If you are planning on shopping at pop-up shops, you should make sure that you have both cash and credit cards with you. Even though some shops only take cash, many other shops now take credit cards.

Shopping at Miami Swim Week is a unique experience because you are shopping alongside fashion buyers and celebrities. Most pop-up shops at Miami Swim Week will have pieces that were shown in the runway shows along with other new pieces.



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