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Letter from Paris: DROMe Pre-Fall 2016

Our reporter Hannah writes from Paris, where she’s getting a sneak peak at a number of upcoming collections.

DROMe Pre-Fall 2016: Style Blast from the Past


The DROMe pre-fall collection hits a craving you didn’t know you had. This collection explores current trends while channeling a ‘70s flare. The shearling jackets in particular innovate upon the ongoing trend of the heavy trench by setting it back five decades.

The Collection

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DROMe, a brand that proclaims to have a “zealous passion for” and “poetic vision” of leather, lives up to those remarks with this collection. With simple form and lines, the designer lets the material speak for itself in several total-body pieces.

An apparent theme is hodgepodge. First, there’s the clear assimilation of retro and modern trends, so trends that are ubiquitous today (i.e. trenches) … and trends left behind. Then there’s the comparison between elegant and casual — a lot of these garments are red-carpet ready, but casual enough to wear on a daily basis.

These garments are red-carpet ready, but casual enough for daily wear.

A literal hodgepodge of fabrics makes up some pieces, such as the coats above. These are pieces similar to a sweater your parents wore in high school, but are strangely current; a breath of novelty from the past.


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