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Lagerfeld Goes Coco for Chanel Spring ‘16

Back To Basics (Almost) At The Grand Palais

fashAs the fash pack entered the Grand Palais, it was easy to mind read what everyone was thinking before they saw the interior. “What can Karl do next … ”

(Photos: Regis Colin Berthelier / NOWFASHION)

Well, it seems Karl didn’t do much more than lay down some luxurious white carpet, stack rows of gold chairs in a traditional couture-house setting, and let the clothes speak for themselves.

The Collection

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And did they speak! The Chanel set paid homage to the traditional collection presentation layouts of decades past. As every onlooker was in their own front row, Karl sent out a swarm of models donning boaters with singular straps, layered signature Chanel pearls, plus tweed for days.

Boasting a simplistic aesthetic for the interior, Lagerfeld took thematics “back to basics” and presented what looked like the inside of Coco Chanel’s wardrobe if she was still alive — except with some notable twists (not to mention a smattering of menswear for good measure).

Lagerfeld presented what looked like the inside of Coco Chanel’s wardrobe.

One element that brought our eyes back to the present day was the marrying of denim and tweed. Whereas one fabric is casual and has a breath of the ‘80s behind it, tweed is something the house of Chanel practically stitched out of. Today, the pairing brought a breath of fresh air, and a strong desire to wear it to the next board room meeting … because, why not!

We’re thrilled that International Women’s Day has fallen into Spring ’16’s fashion Week, especially on the day Karl Lagerfeld chose to honor the feminine form, paying tribute to the great women of the past, and the dreamers and doers of the future.



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