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L’Agence Spring 2019: New York Fashion Week

L’Agence NYFW FW19

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L‘Agence has always embodied a certain laid back attainable chicness that every woman longs to emulate. And finally, with co-founder Jeffrey Rudes back at the helm as CEO, L’Agence expands its influence to NYFW

The premiere of the brand’s Spring 2019 collection — a 12-look homage to the effortless style of Los Angeles — brought a modern whimsy to a seventies-inspired aesthetic. Nude silks and rose gold accents highlighted the accessible spontaneity of the brand. “The L’Agence woman is the embodiment of Los Angeles,” Rudes stated. “She’s effortless, nonchalant, and very much epitomizes California cool, but with the distinct confidence and joie de vivre that Parisiennes are famous for.”

L’Agence: NYFW FW19

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Models stood on scattered platforms across the brick-walled Industria Studios in the West Village. Each ensemble was styled with technicolor eyeshadow, large dangle earrings, and throwback accessories. The unique cocktail hour showcase of the collection purposefully differed from traditional runway shows. Rudes credits his daughter, L’Agence Art Director Sasha Simone Rudes, for the unique interactive display.

Each platform differed in height, creating a pyramid optical illusion. “I like that the press can enter and walk through and touch and feel. That was part of the essence of this set up, being able to really connect to it,” Rudes explained.

Rudes returned to L’Agence from J Brand in 2017; since his appointment as CEO, the company has fiscally grown 40%. The surge in consumer support greatly impacted Rudes’ decision to premiere this collection at NYFW.

“You have to know when the right time is to present to the press and expose yourself,” Rudes said. “The collection’s been evolving. Our business, our retail, through our consumer has grown tremendously. That’s all due to the consumer response. Our customers respond to what we’re doing.”

Our customers respond to what we’re doing.

Rudes stressed that L’Agence isn’t a runway brand; it is firmly a collection built on wearability and simplicity. “We do wearable clothing that’s made for people. I tell the design team all the time: keep it simple. Choose really good fabrics, then keep the styling simple because she [the customer] can understand it,” Rudes said.

We do wearable clothing that’s made for people

But simplicity does not mean redundancy. The latest L’Agence collection involved everything from mauve silk pajama printed tops to a standout powder-blue suede bomber. Simplicity, rather, means consistency in quality and clean classic aesthetics.

“It’s like a jean that has 5 pockets. Do you have to think about it if you know your company? It’s reliable. ‘Oh that’s that t-shirt, oh it’s that thing I wear.’ It’s easy. That’s what you want to create with L’Agence,” Rudes explained. “It’s that people can identify that it’s easy but luxury fabrics with great prints. Give it a fashion point of view but from a simplistic view.”

This collection’s Los Angeles inspiration also pairs with the consistency of wearability. “Los Angeles is evolving every year, whether is’t fashion, art, photography, magazines they’re shooting, Hollywood,” Rudes said. “[There is an] LA feel of casual.” Yet the city remains true to itself while growing, much like L’Agence.

The brand’s signature denim took charge of the collection, perfectly hugging the models’ thighs before expanding into a tasteful flare. The modern bell bottom jeans on display, both in blue denim and white, harkened back to a Los Angeles ’70s era. However, the L’Agence flare at 40″ is wider than the standard ’70s jean, as Rudes explained. The modern twist on an exaggerated flare was influenced by asking: what would a flare jean be if it was created now? “You always need that fashion piece,” Rudes said. “When it was J Brand, it was the skinny jean. Here we’re pushing the envelope.”

what would a flare jean be if it was created now?

The key to success, according to Rudes, is fit, particularly with jeans. And, of course, simplicity. “A woman wants her jeans again,” Rudes admitted, explaining that the trend is shifting away from embellished denim towards classic updated styles. “Jeans are an important part of L’Agence because it’s in every woman’s wardrobe. And her brand that she loves, she will buy that jean if it’s well-executed. She identifies with her jeans. It’s fabric, it’s fit.”

The emphasis on the perfectly fitting jean propels L’Agence into cult dedication. If the rise in profits weren’t proof enough, L’Agence women love their denim. “Fit is key for us,” Rudes expressed. “You don’t make a car with three wheels, you make it with four wheels. We have to fit. That’s our job. It would defeat the purpose if we came out with something that someone said ‘we love this,’ they go to the dressing room and it doesn’t fit. That is uch a missed opportunity.”

The L’Agence collection merged familiar styles with fun updates — silk champagne paper bag trousers, vintage-inspired pink prints, a baby blue floral slip dress, and of course, denim. That familiarity and fit is what makes L’Agence’s entrance to NYFW all more exciting. “Keep it simple. Don’t overthink it,” Rudes summarized. “Don’t try too hard because it will show.” And for the L’Agence woman, effortlessness is in her blood.


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