Lab Grown Diamonds: 4 Tricks To Become Fashionable

Lab Grown Diamonds: 4 Tricks To Become Fashionable

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but even men can rock these rocks, too. There’s something about the sparkling and glamorous feel of diamonds that makes anyone’s heart flutter the moment they see one.

Be it in wedding or engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets, wearing this precious stone somehow makes you feel luxurious and fashionable in an instant.

Wearing Your Lab Grown Diamonds
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If you have an eye for anything that shines and sparkles, you’ll love collecting and wearing diamond-embellished jewelry pieces. But have you heard of the latest trend? Lab-grown diamonds are making quite a wave these days.

Don’t get easily turned off by the name because these gems are just as beautiful and eye-catching as the natural ones. The only difference is that they’re grown using processes that can have less impact on the planet. And lab-grown diamonds aren’t just environmentally friendly—they’re also less expensive.

If you need tips and tricks to become more fashionable as you wear and style your lab grown diamonds, here’s a list you can turn to:

1. Consider Your Skin’s Undertone

For people who are new to wearing jewelry and gemstones, it’s worth noting that your skin’s undertone can be a deciding factor when it comes to knowing what looks great on you. Rings, for example, are designed in different settings, and if you want to pick the right option, it’s recommended to try one on first to see if it fits your undertone. In general, warmer skin tones look better with yellow gold settings, while cool undertones often pair well with platinum or white gold.

The setting or metal you select for your lab grown diamond jewelry can make your skin pop if you go for the right choice. Most of the time, though, the yellow gold setting is favored because of its natural opulence. It suits both modern and vintage designs because of the metal’s simple yet elegant appeal.

2. Pick The Right Size

No matter how big or bright your lab grown diamonds are, they won’t look as fashionable if the jewelry size isn’t the right one for you. Accessories that are too tight won’t make you feel comfortable while wearing them, while oversized ones might downgrade your overall look. Rings, in particular, should be chosen well when it comes to size. Make sure you know your measurements and be accurate when shopping.

The same principle applies to necklaces and bracelets. You can easily make a purchasing decision if you already know your size. Ask the jeweler what sizes or length options are available so you can choose one according to your preference. If you want to don a choker style when wearing a necklace, go for a smaller length. You can also try the layering trend for chains by going for different sizes and styles.

3. Let The Diamonds Shine On Their Own

There’s nothing wrong with wearing several jewelry pieces all at once. However, they may crowd your neck or hands, and you might not notice that the natural beauty of your lab grown diamonds is no longer the star of the show. Sometimes, a minimalist approach can give the precious gems the chance to shine on their own.

The same goes when choosing jewelry designs. You might want to consider going for classic pieces that have remained in style through the years. Trends come and go, but very few can stick around for good. Think of your gems as an investment that you want to preserve until your golden years.

4. Take Care Of Your Rocks

Yes, diamonds are beautiful and timeless as is, but it doesn’t mean they don’t require care and maintenance. If you want them to always be at their shiniest, it’s essential that you learn how to store and clean them properly.

If you have a degreasing solution, use it to soak your diamond jewelry. You can make the solution by adding a bit of mild dish soap to warm water. After washing, remove the jewelry and use a clean and soft-bristled toothbrush to clear away any remaining dirt.

Each time you’re handling your lab grown diamonds, do so with a gentle touch. Keep in mind that most pieces are fragile, particularly older prongs or antique pieces. Don’t use abrasive solutions such as chlorine bleach as they can damage the alloy or scratch the stone.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Forever

Natural diamonds are so strong that they’re thought to last forever, and lab grown ones are essentially the same. You can be stylish and elegant when wearing them by making sure you have the correct size. Consider the undertone of your skin as well before buying diamond-embellished jewelry items. Lastly, learn how to care for your rocks so you can keep enjoying their timeless beauty and elegance.


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