The Golden Rules to Matching Jewelry to Your Skin Tone

The Golden Rules to Matching Jewelry to Your Skin Tone

Buying jewelry will always, quite rightly, be considered something of a luxury purchase. Therefore it’s one you’ll want to make sure is the perfect fit and that is something that too few of us spend enough time considering.

Often concerns over whether jewelry passes the test are down to issues relating to the quality of the item, such as the carat of the jewels themselves or perhaps the bracelet or necklace they are attached to.

However there are other aspects you should take into account that relate to the suitability of the product when matched to your own physical characteristics, and of course your own personal stylistic penchant.

Steps to Help Match Jewelry to Your Skin Tone

Follow these easy to follow instructions to better align your jewelry purchases to your own personal skin tone. This guidance, for instance, will help you decide whether that gold name necklace will work best for your skin type, and this is an invaluable step in the jewelry purchasing process.

Know Your Own Skin Tone

Most of us don’t really know what our skin tone is. It’s not something we consider all that much, but knowing this can be of great use, not just in relation to selecting the right jewelry but also to assist in other fashion-related decision-making.

The best way to ascertain your skin tone is to use your veins as something of a guide. So for instance, if you veins are blue then you have what is known as a cool skin tone

If your veins appear greener then you more likely have a warm skin tone, this tends to be coupled with those who tan easily. Those with neutral skin tend to have no obvious redness, olive or espresso color.

Matching Your Skin Tone to your Jewelry

Knowing your skin tone will make it easier to find a match when it comes to the choice of gemstone or the metal of the jewelry you might be more suited to.

For instance, cool skin tones work best with lighter metals and gems. This would mean that white gold or silver would be a good fit. If you have a warm skin tone then yellow and gold gems work best. Neutral skin works with most types and the good news is that diamonds work well on any skin tone.

Gold, Silver & Rose Gold

The main elements of the jewelry ecosystem; gold, silver and rose gold are good ways to differentiate your own skin tone and color palette. For instance gold works best with those with warmer, darker skin tones and silver complements those best with cool skin tones.

Rose gold on the other hand works well with any skin tone type and is perhaps the most versatile of the three, hence it’s relative popularity.

What Gemstones Work Best With Your Skin Tone?

When it comes to gemstones the good news is there is a near infinite range of delightful stones to choose from, so you are never too far from finding precisely the one for your look.

Cool skin tones work well with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz and amethyst and warm skin tones are best suited to opal, orange sapphire and aquamarine.

Matching Your Hair Color to Your Jewelry

As well as using your skin type to help dictate your jewelry selection you would do well to take into account your hair color.

If you have red hair then looking to use gemstones that are rooted in deep greens and blues will help match your overall look. If you have blonde hair then you can happily pair with most colors and types but sapphires tend to work best.

If you’re looking for a new style that will make your dark brown hair color pop, consider resin jewelry. The best colors to go with are light blues or violets which highlight hues in the natural hue of your locks beautifully!

Brunettes should look for deep purples and reds to really make your jewelry choices pop and those with black or brown hair should look for anything that’s bold and bright as darker gems and jewelry choices might get lost in the overall aesthetic you are attempting to pull off.

Be Original, Don’t Let Rules Dictate You

These are of course general guidelines and should only be used as a starting point for your jewelry related choices. Never feel constrained by such ‘rules’, if you feel that the item you’ve found works well for you, then go for it.

While it’s true that there are general assumptions about whether gold items work great with pale or cool skin and whether silver really does suit those with warm tones, after all you may feel you can buck the trend.

Selecting your jewelry should always, at its core, be a personal matter. Your own style sits above any ideas governed by others. If you are shopping online, or viewing from a store window, and see an item that takes your breath away and you feel your look will be completed by such a purchase, then throw caution to the wind.

You can go beyond with personalized gifts for yourself by asking the shop to add your name to the jewelry piece.

Your heart will always rule your head when it comes to the fine art of jewelry, it’s a luxury that comes from your soul and therefore don’t feel constrained by convention if your inner voice tells you that an item is simply a perfect fit.


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