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Clara Meyer
Clara Meyer resides on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, coming a long way from growing up in the Midwest and Italian roots.

Kosas’ New York City Pop-Up

Kosas’ New York City Pop-Up

Finally, New Yorkers can experience Kosas IRL

The brand that every editor loves for their no-makeup makeup days is setting up shop in Soho, but only until the end of this month. Kosas is a go to brand for quality lipsticks in shades that look good on every skin tone. There are literally no unflattering colors in their repertoire and they continue to hold the same level of quality since day one.

As you enter the store at 85 Mercer you are welcomed in by women wearing the limited edition Kosas sweatshirts only available at the pop-up. Sharing the space with another cult favorite, Briogeo, so you can grab your favorite hair mask and test out a tinted face oil all in one trip. One of the greatest parts about the pop-up is that you can actually go and test out their tinted facial oil. The brand will mail you a swatch sheet that is the best way for someone not able to test out the shades in person, a very tricky tool to master.

Kosas New York City Pop-Up

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We sat down with founder Sheena Yaitanes to discuss the launch of their new winter collection, Phoenix Rising, and what is in store for 2019 at their pop-up in Soho. The Phoenix Rising collection embodies the idea that no matter what happens in your life, you can rise up through the flames and start again. The lip color is a fiery red paired with a burnt orange creme blush and highlighter duo. Sheena revealed some exciting news that they will be launching in Sephora this February, a monumental milestone for any brand.

Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to play with all the products you’ve been seeing on every editor’s Instagram at their NYC pop-up. If you can’t make it, don’t worry because you’ll soon be able to pick up the brand in Sephora!


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