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Briogeo: An Interview with the Inspiring Female Behind the Brand

Briogeo: An Interview with the Inspiring Female Behind the Brand

As much as I hate to admit it, I am one of those people who, regardless of how many hair masks and tool-free months I endure, my hair always seems to be damaged.

In college I was obsessed with making my naturally dark brown hair long and blonde, just as every other fresh sorority girl does. My long blonde hair, that was perfectly curled every day, slowly started to become damaged and non-sorority approved.

So when I moved to New York, I decided to leave my sorority-endorsed look behind and sport an icy white-blonde long bob. Now this was back in 2014, when having hair as white as porcelain was becoming a huge trend, but having to bleach and tone my hair every few weeks was brutal on my hair.

having to bleach my hair every few weeks was brutal on it

As I began to notice my hair legit fall out and break off, even if someone brushed against it, I knew it was time to kiss my blonde days goodbye. For about 3 years I have been trying to revive my natural locks with every mask and treatment known to mankind.

I have been trying every mask and treatment known to mankind

Being the Beauty Director has been a blessing to my wallet, as I get to test out tons of products made to revive hair that has horror stories such as mine. I have noticed a difference when I try a super expensive product, but not enough that I would dish out over $100 to mend a few of my split ends.

Enter Briogeo, whose Don’t Despair, Repair line soaks up moisture like my plants do, after I forget to water them for two weeks. Every product is silicone-, sulfate-, and cruelty-free. So no matter how much of a product I slap on my hair, it won’t chemically hurt it or show short-term-only results. Let me tell you, when you try out these products you will be hooked. But when you learn about the brand’s history and the story of its founder you will be dedicated.

We spoke with the ultra-inspiring Nancy Twine about her brand and simply can’t get enough.

Q: You launched Briogeo back in 2013 at Sephora. In the last 5 years you have lifted Briogeo to a cult status hair brand with tons of awards. What has been the key to this major success?

One of the major keys to success for Briogeo has been staying true to who we are from the beginning. Briogeo bridges the gap between clean ingredients and effective hair care — and most of all, we formulate innovative products for a diverse array of hair needs, no matter the texture or type. It’s been our commitment to clean formulas, innovation, and celebrate diversity of hair that’s propelled us to win at what we do.

our commitment is to clean formulas, innovation, and diversity of hair

Q: The new Be Kind, Be Gentle Superfood Shampoo and Conditioner quickly reached the number one bestselling Shampoo & Conditioner spot on First of all, congrats! Second, what sparked this new development of these products?

I’ve always been a proponent of “you are what you eat.” I’ve found that what I put into my body can determine my energy levels, ability to focus, and even mood! And the same is true about what you put on your hair and skin.

I love making my own smoothies at home because it’s my guaranteed way of ensuring I’m getting the right amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables each day. I control what goes into my smoothies and kale, matcha, & apple are a few of the recurring ingredients I use in my custom concoctions.

I’m a stickler for research and while delving into some of the ingredients I use in my green juices and smoothies, I learned about the incredible benefits these ingredients have on the hair.

Kale, for example, is packed with tons of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that can help ward off hair follicle inflammation and dull-looking hair.

Apple is rich in procyanidin, a flavonoid, which scientific studies have shown to encourage hair growth. Matcha green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the hair and scalp against environmental stressors, like pollution and UV rays.

Q: You were inspired by your grandmother’s natural hair remedies. How were you able to stay true to her early formulas while being able to mass produce them?

While Briogeo products are not replicas of my family’s formulas, many of the key ingredients in each formula were inspired by the same ingredients my family used to create natural, custom beauty solutions for the family.

formula are inspired by the same ingredients my family used

Ingredients like rosehip, jojoba, sweet almond, shea, and avocado oil are some of the ingredients we used to formulate growing up and that are featured as key ingredients throughout our entire product line.

Q: Would you ever dip your feet into other areas of the clean beauty evolution?

Absolutely! We know the importance of clean beauty expands beyond just hair care — and that wellness expands just beyond clean beauty. We’re excited for what’s in store in 2019 and to be able to share more about what the category means for Briogeo.

Q: What were your favorite products to create?

Most recently, I had a lot of fun developing the concept for our new Be Gentle, Be Kind Superfoods Collection. The packaging concept was really fun and unique and the goal was to bring to life the green juice/smoothie concept as it relates to shampoo and conditioner.

We spent months researching the best green juice/smoothie ingredients to fortify each formula, with the goal of using fruits and veggies to restore vital nourishment and health to the hair. The feedback and reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive and I’m thrilled that we were able to succeed in tying back nutritional wellness to hair care.

We spent months researching the best green juice/smoothie ingredients

Q: What is next for Briogeo?

We’re really focused on creating innovative (and necessary!) products that the clean hair care world has yet to have seen! In addition to that, we’re hard at work on developing some interesting new concepts within clean beauty that are meant to enhance what Briogeo brings to the overall clean and wellness category.

Be sure to try out their amazing new shampoo and conditioner duo at Sephora as well as cult-favorites from Don’t Despair, Repair and Scalp Revival.


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