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Renowned fashion designer Kevan Hall takes us on a journey through time and elegance with his latest collection for Spring Summer 2024. Titled “Cote d’Azur”, the collection draws inspiration from the refined and sophisticated era of Deauville, France, during the 1930s, where the epitome of fashion was showcased along the promenade by models donning the creations of leading designers. At Deauville, we also experience high jewelry first worn with a laidback casualness by wealthy socialites.

And just 1,335 kilometers Southeast is Cannes, synonymous with the red carpet and considered the biggest European runway for fashion and jewelry. The legacy of Deauville and the continued glamour of the Cannes Film Festival today, have combined to shape Hall’s trademark aesthetic that can be seen in every detail of his Spring 2024 Collection.

“Our journey begins with a look to a refined and elegant time in Deauville, the seaside resort in the northeast region of France. If one were in Deauville during the 1930s, they would have seen a continuous display of the best fashions,” Hall explains. “Deauville and Cannes’ rich legacy created by artists, designers, and the film industry is the inspiration for the Cote d’Azur collection.”

Kevan Hall

Photos: Arun Nevader

Among the standout looks was the Cote d’Azur grand plaid column bustier with a side slit. This piece exuded timeless elegance with its over-sized graphic pattern, while the bustier top added a touch of modernity. The daring side slit revealed just the right amount of leg, making it a perfect choice for a sophisticated evening affair.

Another striking ensemble was the Multi floral bouquet sequin gown. This look effortlessly combined vibrancy with sophistication, making a certain must have for the 2024 Red Carpet season. Its impeccable tailoring and flattering silhouette made it a standout piece that perfectly captured the spirit of the Kevan Hall show with every stitch. These looks, among others, showcased Kevan Hall’s masterful craftsmanship and ability to merge classic and contemporary elements into stunning fashion statements. All shoes were from Nina Shoes and elegantly elevated each ensemble, adding a final flourish of style and sophistication to the collection.

Adding to the allure of this season’s collection is a collaborative partnership with Chatham, a luxury brand renowned for its laboratory-grown gemstones and diamond jewelry. Chatham’s commitment to merging art and science has made them leaders in the industry, with a history spanning over 80 years. The brand’s innovative approach to replicating natural gem-growing conditions has resulted in a unique collection that ranges from classic to contemporary.

The Spring Summer 2024 Collection: Cote d’Azur showcased the designer’s continued dedication to timeless elegance, innovation, and storied inspiration. This collection is a celebration of the rich heritage of France’s legendary Riviera, merged with the visionary creativity of Kevan Hall and the exceptional craftsmanship of Chatham jewels.


Detroit-born, Kevan Hall‘s fashion passion ignited in childhood, maturing into a haute couture innovator redefining glamour for a new era. He revitalized Halston as Design and Creative Director from 1998 to 2000, dressing luminaries like Celine Dion and Charlize Theron. Launching his own line in 2001, Hall’s philosophy emphasizes pure style, impeccable tailoring, and sleek silhouettes.

Awards including the Gold Coast Fashion Award and “Stylemaker of the Year” highlight his impact. Hall’s TV appearances, lectures at esteemed institutions, and leadership in initiatives like Black Design Collective underscore his influence. Today, his enduring collections cement Kevan Hall as a heritage brand of timeless elegance.


Chatham masterfully combines art and science. They are the leading luxury brand in laboratory-grown gemstones and diamond jewelry, offering unique designs ranging from classic to contemporary.

Chatham is the original architect of the gem-growing industry. Over 80 years ago, Carroll Chatham introduced the world to laboratory grown emeralds. By duplicating the conditions deep within the earth, his laboratory succeeded in growing a variety of the finest gems over the course of a year’s time. A discovery so unique, it remains a secret to this day. Today, Chatham is recognized as the industry leader in luxury lab grown gemstones and diamond jewelry.


1. BADU – Cote d’Azur grand plaid column bustier with side slit
2. JANE – Cote d’Azur plaid halter swing dress
3. TEA – Textured turquoise sculpted waist jacket & flippy skirt
4. LULA – Cote d’Azur grand plaid trench coat, embroidered Deauville striped shirt and hi-waist pant
5. KATE – Cote d’Azur plaid flutter sleeve maxi dress
6. ULBOSS – Cote d’Azur plaid shirt with textured yellow split pant
7. GLORY – Multi-color Deauville embroidered stripe jumpsuit
8. NASTYA – Cote d’Azur grand plaid tie-front jacket and plaid palazzo pant
9. BADU – Berry Pinstripe crisscross strap sundress
10. LULA – Lime Miter Pinstripe Jacket and bias skirt
11. JANE – Berry Pinstripe Trench Coat & berry notch-front jumpsuit
12. TEA – Floral watercolor crinkle chiffon off-the-shoulder top with rose lace pant
13. KATE – Floral watercolor crinkle chiffon halter dress
14. LULA – Rose hi-lo floral lace dance dress
15. NASTYA – Straw floral lace illusion gown
16. ULBOSS – Straw crepe bustier gown with lace floral applique
17. GLORY – Rose vine beaded bustier gown
18. JANE – Multi floral bouquet sequin dress with illusion back
19. BADU – Sky blue shirred bustier with floral ostrich feathers
20. KATE – Multi-floral bouquet sequin gown
21. ULBOSS – Tangerine off-the-shoulder fil coupe dress
22. NASTYA – Coral pebble crepe racer gown
23. TEA – Peridot palm leaf fil coupe bustier gown
24. GLORY – Peridot/turquoise silk chiffon ombre gown with lace floral applique
25. BADU – Jade fil coupe bustier with bow
26. LULA – Crushed ice Cannes bustier gown


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