Kevan Hall FW22 Collection

Kevan Hall FW22 Collection

My inspiration for TRADING POST! was based on the 1400-1500 trades that happened in Mali, Morocco, and Tarshish, which is a period of antiquity said to be the place where King Solomon acquired the gold, ivory, and all the beautiful textiles used to build his temple. It was the convergence of these various cultures, textiles, languages, and the sharing of knowledge and literature.

In Mali is the oldest library known to man. It’s all these amazing intersections of culture and craftsmanship and trading of these wonderfully creative ideas. You see the beautiful tapestries, gorgeous colors of onyx, spice, rubies, sapphire, amber, etc. Everything is touched with black and gold or black and silver. The fabrics are tactile and rich, and it is really a feast for the eyes when you see all the beautiful hues and beautiful textures in a mélange of color.” – Kevan Hall

Kevan Hall FW22 Collection

Photos: Evan Hall

About Kevan Hall

Detroit-born Kevan Hall knew by the age of seven that he wanted to be a fashion designer. He embraced haute couture as an interpretive art form, setting out to redefine glamour for a new generation. He stepped into role of Design and Creative Director at the hallowed house of Halston in the Fall of 1998 determined to revive the dormant brand. By Spring of 2000 he had dressed a distinguished coterie that included Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek.

He launched his signature Kevan Hall Collection in 2002, a reflection of a fashion philosophy that emphasizes purity of style, incomparable tailoring and sensuously draped silhouettes uncluttered by modern design.

Hall also founded the The Novus Forum, an international collective trade show to support womenswear and accessory designers, that has become a fashion destination for global buyers during the New York fashion market. In 2018, he co-founded the Black Design Collective, an organization that supports young costume and fashion designers in the form of scholarships, education and business workshops and mentorships.


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