JOUR/NÉ Spring 2018: Paris Fashion Week

JOUR/NÉ Paris Fashion Week SS18

If Coca-Cola and JOUR/NÉ seem like an unexpected combination, welcome to the club.

We often feel that fashion week (or fashion month, really) is itself due for a bit of a makeover. Where others would see a less corporate fashion month, we would like to see what it looks like with some serious capital behind it … especially if it could somehow, magically, mean getting all of those ridiculous C-list celebrities out of the front row and back to waiting by the phone, along with all the Instagram selfie-takers who don’t know Balmain from Balenciaga. Fashion week for fashion enthusiasts? What a concept!

JOUR/NÉ: Paris Fashion Week SS18

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It seems unlikely that any of these thoughts were the impetus behind Lou Menais, Léa Sebban, and Jerry Journo’s latest collection (and what would we know, as we weren’t even invited to the show?), but it certainly wasn’t shy about announcing such a notable partnership to the world.

At the very least, with a title of “Secondary Residence,” the collection seemed to take inspiration from those never-had-to-work rich kids (who else would wear a tee celebrating Monday?) taking up valuable space in the front row.

Still, all-in-all, the Paris Fashion Week collection was bright, summery, and fun. Just the sort of thing you would expect from a COCA-COLA X JOUR/NÉ collaboration.

And the variety of models was also a welcome sight.


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