Jenny Packham Spring 2018: New York Fashion Week

Jenny Packham NYFW SS18

Represented by Linda Gaunt Communications.

Ever the artist, Jenny Packham’s SS18 collection was inspired by the works of Lee Ufan and Katsushika Hokusai, as well as traditional Asian Gardens.

For Spring-Summer 2018, the result was chic, shimmery, and impeccably patterned, with silhouettes that flowed like ripples in a koi pond.

The result was chic and shimmery, like ripples in a koi pond

Jenny Packham: NYFW SS18

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“Perfect asymmetry” is an essential feature of Asian garden design — as is a strong connection to nature through the integration of water and material texture. As in Hokusai’s “The Great Wave,” the effect of the Asian garden is to connect us to nature so we experience it rather than merely view it.

In the garden, texture is synonymous with layers of foliage and bursts of florals: color is used subtly.

texture is synonymous with layers of foliage and bursts of florals

By contrast, the artist Lee Ufan uses color vividly: his work is distinctive for its colorful fresh strokes drawn by a large brush on a white canvas.

In both, color is used to create a sense of energy that is uplifting and exciting.

Packham’s latest collection is colorful and energizing, with lines and colors that simultaneously soothe. You might even call it an example of that coveted “perfect asymmetry.”


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