Issey Miyake Autumn Winter 2022

ISSEY MIYAKE AUTUMN WINTER 202223 from Genki Hidaka on Vimeo.

Issey Miyake Autumn Winter 2022

Sow It and Let It Grow

The ISSEY MIYAKE AUTUMN WINTER 2022 collection Sow It and Let It Grow premiered online on Friday, March 4. This collection looks at the wild nature of plants and the beauty of their forms, and explores the growth of a seed germinating and developing into roots and sprouts, out of the earth and towards the light.

The design and making that have come to fruition, like an untamed, lively plant, are expressed in irregular silhouettes, bright and bold use of color, and a variety of textures in textiles.

Issey Miyake Autumn Winter 2022

About the Collection Video

Directed by Yuichi Kodama, the video reflects the collection theme as it narrates a plant’s growth. On the stage in the dark lay various knit pieces, like roots spreading around freely in every direction, which come to life as the models wear them. In an enclosed space models and performers in black-and-white garments enter and walk one after another. The way they bump into and are bounced back by the walls represents the wild nature of winding roots. As the cast begins walking up on the stairs towards above the ground, the garments turn bright and colorful, and like growing plants bathing in light and rain, they develop into a variety of silhouettes and textures. Models and performers walk with grace and pride, each like a fresh, ripening fruit or vegetable, until they reach the last scene filled with light.


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