Celebrity Stylist Ise White

Interview With Ise White

by James MacLean and P. Lopez

Fashion Stylist Ise White has built an amazing base of celebrity clients including Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Glenn Close, Vanessa Williams and others. And she’s worked with advertising giants like Lord & Taylor and Victoria’s Secret.

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Q: What prompted you to decide to become a stylist? Why did you get involved in the fashion business?

My family is in fashion. Pattern makers, costumers, dressmakers. I grew up constantly among their shops and fabrics, snatching silks or little scraps of velvet to make things.

At some point they had to decide whether to kick me out or teach me something, because I was obviously not going to leave.

Thank goodness the latter won.

Q: What is your favorite article of clothing or accessory?

My boss at Saks bought me my fav pair of Fendi boots.

Q: What is your typical day, or the most challenging part of the day for you?

My job is amazing. I get to inspire teams, put together ideas, and execute them to their best and fullest potential, making sure that everyone is achieving their best.

Q: Is there one look you styled that you would consider your signature “style”?

I always try to work with the situation; for example we would never dress Mrs. Obama the way we style an editorial for Vogue.

It’s about appropriateness.

Q: What’s the biggest “faux pas” when asked to style a celebrity?

Not understanding what their personal style / comfort zone is.

Q: Have you ever had a designer who refused to send you clothes? Or had a celebrity refuse to wear an outfit / or designer?

Absolutely; it’s part of it. Sometimes designers want to send items but have limited samples; or the celeb or project isn’t a priority for them. It’s business, not personal. Most celebrities know themselves, and if they’re refusing, it’s because they know something won’t look like “them,” or it’s simply outside their comfort zone.

Q: Who in your opinion has flawless style? Yesterday, today and tomorrow?

I love Kate Moss, Tom Ford, and who can deny Karl Lagerfeld.

Q: Name three of your favorite shops, and three items every woman should have in her closet in order to have GREAT style.

Shops: Any Old Iron, Assembly, Opening Ceremony.

Every women should have lingerie, up-to-date shoes, and a great bag, every season.

Q: What is your favorite trend right now? Which trend would you like to see pass?

I keep saying this. NO CROCS outside of the garden please, and no pleated khkai pants. My fav trend right now is the clutch. I love what designers are doing with it. Especially McQueen.

ise-white-in-actionQ: Who would you allow to style YOU for an event?

Karl Templar.

Q: What are you wearing RIGHT now?

My absolutely fav, which I haven’t taken off all winter, is Oscar de La renta blue cashmere and silk cardigan with a hood. No buttons, with a tie. And cotton Prada slim-fit pants. Armani Exchange tank top.


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