Isabel Felmer Spring 2018: Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Felmer Paris Fashion Week

Represented by Totem Fashion.

Isabel Felmer’s Spring 2018 collection was mainly inspired by the ’80s model Sayoko Yamaguchi. Her spirit was present in colorful silhouettes and prints.

Prints was created by Isabel Felmer with futuristics pictures of her own designs. For instance, a picture of Isabel herself was completely transformed, created from her videographic performance “Kokeshi & Yukio” in 2010.

Another picture is from her series “Future Century 0009.” She offers looks that are both futuristic and retro.

Isabel Felmer Paris Fashion Week

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(Photos: Perepadya Karina)

Kimonos feature colorful prints for a modern geisha. Costumes and dresses are inspired by the 1860s, contrasting with futuristic silhouettes of the ’80s. The color palette ranges from pink, yellow, lilac, blue, in prints; up to total looks white or black.

We loved the Warhol-esque prints, big collars, and picture-perfect silhouettes of this very elegant, stylish, and imaginative collection.


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