Interview with the CEO of House of iKons Savita Kaye on Fashion, Beauty, and Diversity

Meet House of iKons CEO Savita Kaye

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Savita Kaye founded House of iKons in 2013 to support talented fashion designers as well as up-and-coming models and musicians. It’s one part of her empire, Lady K Enterprises, which includes Lady K Media (established in 2011 to offer consulting and PR services) and Lady K Event Management, which puts on high-profile corporate events.

We spoke with Savita to find out more about her and what makes her tick.

(Photo: CEO of House of iKons Savita Kaye / Photo by Ram Eagle)

Q: What inspired you to launch House of iKons?

I have always wanted House of iKons to be a global brand, known for launching emerging designers and creatives.

House of iKons’ success so far is based on the unique concept, celebrating a new generation of global creative talent. Being the voice for emerging creatives.

Q: How has this helped emerging designers?

We position our “iKonic” designers as market leaders who create trends and not follow. The creativity from around the world, infused with their local culture, has helped them become trendsetting within their own right.

Some creatives’ pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton or Michelle Obama; designs have been seen in fashion magazines around the world like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

creatives’ pieces have been worn by Michelle Obama, or seen in Vogue

The platform has also given exposure to these designers in boutiques and department stores as well as online retail and interest from manufacturers to produce certain lines in mass production.

(Photo: Honee / by Mariana MA)

Q: What hurdles have you faced?

Hurdles are constant, being a woman of colour, single parent and competing with the completion of other fashion houses as well a the BIG player brands. Most importantly, one needs to reflect before moving forward: not just for me but for my creatives.

Q: You state fashion is for everyone regardless of age, size, etc. Tell us more about that.

Pushing diversity in every way from ethnic backgrounds, size, shape, height and age. We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for ALL regardless of ethnicity, size, shape and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the HERE & NOW!!

everyone has the right to feel and look good in the HERE & NOW

Everyone has that right and we will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes… we are still a small drop in this BIG OCEAN… But we will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to who ever you are, where ever you are, from around the world.

As a result House of iKons are now one of the top 6 Innovative Voices in The Fashion World on Wiki Vid, which is what House of iKons has stood for: highlighting beauty, creativity from around the world, pushing the boundaries that fashion, art and creativity is for everyone regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, size, age and sexual orientation. We will continue to showcase our iKons and shake the pillars of the fashion industry. These are the innovative voices of fashion!

Q: Where would you like to see House of iKons accomplish in the future?

At present we are planning our next season’s show.

With the crisis that is facing the world with the global pandemic of Covid19 we are trying to support all creatives globally, pushing their brands via our channels: even creatives who have not showcased with us.

we are trying to support all creatives: even creatives who have not showcased with us

It’s important that we support and show unity in this crisis. At present we are strategising virtual shows/events that the same impact can be achieved.

(Photo: Hill Tribe House / Photo by Mark Gunter)

For further information:

Facebook: House of iKons
Twitter: @HouseofiKons
Instagram: @house_of_ikons_official
YouTube: House of iKons


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