Hannah Reed-Elliott
Hannah Reed-Elliott
Hannah Reed-Elliott is a film student, pursuing documentary production and film directing.

Interview with Chris Sealey and Alex Alpert of OneOf — Creativity and Community in NFTs

Chris Sealey, Creative Director at OneOf, stresses the importance of retaining the artistry and community at the heart of NFT culture.

OneOf prioritizes accessibility and ease for creators to maintain creativity and culture within the world of crypto. Chris posits that centering the cultural purpose of NFTs (connecting creators with their communities) and making that more easily achievable is the key to sustainable growth of this industry.

And, speaking of sustainability, OneOf marketplaces is using Tezos and Polygon, to provide services on a proof-of-stake blockchain. Tezos uses about the same energy as 10 US households, per year, as reported by Cryptomode.