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Interview with RNWY Cover Photographer Eric Garcia-March

Interview with Eric Garcia-March

FWO will soon debut RNWY, our new magazine to be distributed at New York Fashion Week. It features a number of amazing photographers, including our cover photographer Eric Garcia-March. The shoot was based on a simple but complex topic, as laid out by FWO: show us the future of fashion.

Not surprisingly, one of the themes that came through was gender neutrality, as captured by model Tasha Poupee and a very inspired team.

We spoke to the photographer to find out more about him, and how the shoot came together for RNWY.

Eric Garcia-March / Previous Work

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Q: When did you first develop a passion for photography? What motivated it?

My grandfather had a pretty serious darkroom setup, and he made his own cameras at times. I was intrigued early on, but I was a kid, so it never dawned on me that I could actually make a living taking pictures until I went to USC. My good friend was majoring in photography so I took a class, and was hooked. 

Q: Tell us about your formal training. How did it advance your craft? Are there any pitfalls for formal training?  

I transferred to Brooks Institute of Photography back in the days of film and learned the technical side of lighting and large format cameras. A teacher at Brooks, Paul Meyer, who was Richard Avedon’s assistant for many years, taught me technical studio lighting. Photography school didn’t replace on-the-job training, but it did provide me with a solid skill set to build upon. 

My teacher was Richard Avedon’s assistant for many years

Coming in September during #NYFW! Our new magazine, RNWY (@rnwy_official) @lovepablostarr ===================== CREDITS Photography: Eric Garcia-March / @photographer_ericgarciamarch ===================== Model: Tasha Poupee / @tasha_poupee Represented by @d1models ===================== Art Direction & Styling: Altorrin McIntyre / @altorrin ===================== Hair: Dante Blandshaw / @danteblandshaw Represented by @ronarepresents using @balmainhaircouture ===================== MUA: Christian Briceno / @beautybychristian using @maccosmetics ===================== Post-Production: David Kliger ===================== Styling Assistants: Alexius Diana / @alexiusdiana ===================== Jessette Bautista / @ddadddyyyy ===================== Photography Assistant: Lee Bader / @iwishihadariver ===================== Creative Direction: Chris Lavish / @nyclavish

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Q: You’ve also studied painting and worked in other forms of visual art. How do these art forms influence your photography, and vice-versa?

Drawing draped curtains helped me have a breakthrough in my ability to see highlights and shadows. I graduated from Kansas City Art Institute with a degree in Painting. Then I got my Masters in Studio Art from NYU, and later studied music at a university in Spain where I lived for more than 10 years. As a result, my diversified educational and cultural experience has shaped my vision, and has helped me understand the creative process when manifesting fashion editorials and ad campaigns. 

Drawing draped curtains helped me have a breakthrough

Q: Who are your influences in photography and visual arts, and why?

Annie Leibovitz is probably my biggest influence in photography, because her early work was so creative. As far as painters go, Mark Rothko is by far the most influential to me. Through him I realized the potential emotional power that art could possess and convey. 

As far as painters go, Mark Rothko is by far the most influential to me

Q: What’s the most important part of any shoot?

There are many factors in creating a successful shoot. Art direction and the details of proper execution are of top priority. Being sensitive to everyone’s needs and problem-solving are key factors as well. 

Q: Tell us about the RNWY shoot? What were some of the challenges, and what made the team so spectacular to work with?

I got to work with amazing people, and that always inspires me to take it to the next level. You’re as strong as your weakest link, and there were no weak links in this crew. There weren’t any major challenges either except for discovering what the future of fashion meant to me and my team. 

discovering what the future of fashion meant to me and my team

When I sat down with Altorrin McIntrye to discuss the initial concept, I really pushed for Tasha Poupee‘s gender-neutral look, and that became the identity of our vision. Altorrin brought on Dante Blandshaw and Christian Briceno, and everyone worked their magic. 

I wanted this inaugural magazine cover to be phenomenal and unique. NYFW is the pulse and epicenter for fashion everywhere. RNWY Magazine brings that perspective to the masses. 

Q: Do you have any funny or interesting stories from the shoot to share (or, if not, of any shoot)?

My artsy 10-year-old daughter, who is continuing the family legacy for having an artistic eye was on set while we were shooting. During the shoot, she already had a unique idea of how she would shoot it if she was the principal photographer. She’s prepping to step into my shoes soon. Surely some good dad + daughter legacy memories.

My artsy 10-year-old daughter is continuing the family legacy

Q: What do you see for the future? What’s your ultimate dream?

My ultimate goal is to run a successful multimedia visual experience company that captures creatively everything the imagination and eyes can and cannot see.

My end game is to positively impact people through my lens while giving an assist along the way to those in need, and always be at the heart of my artistic passion.

Q: Any fun news to share? Fun plans or trips coming up, for example?

Fun plans are to fully expand my Eric Garcia-March brand that includes the swimming pigs merchandise including an exclusive calendar. I’m also going to Cuba again to work on a personal photo project.


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