Interview with Minhua Guo Lenoir of Lysandre G.L in Paris

Interview with Lysandre G.L’s designer in Paris

Parisian brand Lysandre G.L created in 2016 by Minhua Guo Lenoir is now reaching the American market as the brand is represented by DREEMS PR.

Lysandre G.L mixes modernity with tradition and it works.


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(Portrait by CharlyHO “WHY ME” 100 SUCCES & TALENT)

Q: Why did you make the choice to create your own brand, Lysandre G.L, 4 years ago?

I had been working for several years for Olympia Le Tan and wanted to give it a try by myself. I felt that it was the good moment because I had enough experience and I wanted to do my own artistic choices. I had my own ideas because I grew up with a mother who was designer and I drew a lot since I was little. For instance, my first collections reflect this combination of sewing and draw.

Q: Who is the Lysandre G.L woman?

I design clothes to help women to feel confident and amazing. I genuinely believe that grace is based on significant details such as the choices of high quality material and a cut that must be perfect. However, I want to bring freshness and modernity which is why I always add a contrasting detail to create a disruption. Finally, the Lysandre G.L woman is graceful, sophisticated but modern and bubbly at the same time.

Q: How do you get inspired?

Love inspires me so much. What defines me as a person is reflected through my work and especially my emotions which makes me a sensible person.

I have the chance to be surrounded by my family here in France whith who i share my achievements and my times of doubt. The last collection echoes to the creative dream world. When we are dreaming everything is mutiplied and we go through several different emotions, it is a strong inner journey. Thus, I played with dark and bright colors with lightweight cuts that makes each look a small fragment of this dream world between day and night.

Q: Today, you are represented by DREEMS as a PR, why did you chose to be implanted in NYC?

NYC is inescapable in terms of fashion, NYFW is really interesting and reflects Americans’ open-mindedness. Precisely, when I arrived in the City, many people asked me in the streets where they could buy my clothes before congratulating me when I explained that I was the designer. It does not happen in Paris where the codes are so different. I am sure that what I propose has its place on the American market because the French refinement matches really well with a controlled disruption.

Q: What is your centerpiece?

The Fantasy Clutch is a source of pride for me because it represents both technicity and art. Thus, most of people compare it to a painting. Indeed, I wanted to associate the unique technical expertise that I have learnt working with Olympia le Tan and my will to innovate.

This clutch is inspired by American artist Sarah Goodbdrige’s Beaty Revealed representing the artist’s naked breast surrounded by pale fabric, the painting – initially on paper, was embroidered to adorn the front of the bag.

Q: What is your next event?

The fashion show we are organising for PFW reflects a new turn. I am aware that today women want to be graceful but comfortable at the same time. For the first time the collection will be monochrome and it lends itself to everyday life for working women. The fashion show promises to be a sensible artistic moment, in my image!


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