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Although we may now know what the future holds, we do know this: like fashion, technology will continue to change.

Photographer Ivanna Yasnikovska (@byivanna.yasnikovska) takes us on an exploration of virtual reality, with creative direction by Chris Lavish (@nyclavish) and model Rachel Menge (@bowieblonde).

Virtual Reality Fashion

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Words excerpted from RNWY 02.

The future will be very much like the present moment: a time of spiritual challenge. Only the backdrop will change. If you were to travel to the furthest galaxy right now, you would encounter beings who have lived millions of years beyond us already, beings perhaps even made of pure energy. (Or of mud: who knows.)

If you were to overhear their conversation, you would note the same spiritual challenges faced by us, simply expressed in a different way. Why? Because to be conscious is to have preferences; and to have preferences is to have preferences thwarted. A thwarted preference, carried to its furthest extreme, is what we call “Evil,” nothing more. And to act upon a preference is what it means to have free will. To lack preferences is to lack consciousness. Therefore, to be conscious is to suffer pain to some degree. According to Supermetaphysics, the school of thought founded in 2166, there is a metaphysical scaffolding underlying the physical. Supermetaphysics was created to try and give an overview of what the whole universe — the physical and the metaphysical — might look like, seen from above (thus “Super”).

The first conclusion, come to via the systemwide synth best seller The Incubator Universe (2166) by Leaf Eggleston Yzaguirre Caxias, explained that stars are incubators, purpose-built to generate life on heated surfaces (planets), which serve as nests. However, an interesting aspect of Supermetaphysics was the tenet that this cosmology could never be proven. In fact, Supermetaphysics posited that any proof of a universal design was hidden by necessity. Why? Because any certainty of why the universe was created, or why we are here, would inevitably pollute our free will.

However, the universe was created in line with spiritual principles. As a result, the guideposts are all around us.

Want love? Give love. Want to lead? Serve. Want to be happy? Give happiness. These social truths are not accidental: they are clues to the mind of our creator. Interestingly, the spiritual universal order — the metaphysical — can be measured and observed empirically, just as phenomena in the physical can. We can see how the lives of people who adopt a spiritual life, based on love and service, transform. We can see how emotional wounds are healed and bad fortunes reversed. The metaphysical has measurable weight, just as the physical does.

Do we live forever after death? Are we reborn? Supermetaphysics does not answer these questions. In fact, it declares these questions necessarily unanswerable. But one thing is certain. At root, the future will always be as it is today.


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Ivanna Yasnikovska
Chris Lavish
Rachel Menge / Bowie

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