Ideal Five Steps to Becoming a Fashion Journalist

Ideal Five Steps to Becoming a Fashion Journalist

The fashion reporting industry is a promising one. In Europe, for instance, fashion journalism with dedicated journalists is a profitable branch of the media industry, ranking amongst the most highly paid, most influential, and most productive outlets in the sector.

Several established brands like The Daily Telegraph, POPSUGAR Fashion, Elle, and Marie Claire compete for fashion talent.

In the US, publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Vogue Magazine are also making great efforts to cultivate and exploit highly-paid niche markets.

Fashion journalism covers different aspects of the industry, including its origins and trends. Besides covering major news, such as the Paris fashion week, it also focuses on smaller niche markets such as designer collaborations, street culture, and many more.

Professional fashion journalists understand which topics are trending, and develops their style in presenting them. The purpose of this guide is to provide insights and resources for aspiring fashion journalists. It will give you all the information you need to either become an established fashion journalist or simply better understand the industry.

Understanding the Roles of a Fashion Journalist

A fashion journalist is a reporter equipped with the skill of storytelling, whose main task is to inform their audience about current trends and fashion news. More often, they write about fashion or work for a fashion publication. But then, it isn’t always necessary to be a writer to become a fashion journalist.
Fashion experts can work as editors or researchers. A fashion journalist might also work for a fashion publication as a sales director. In addition to reporting about the fashion industry and fads, fashion journalists also educate their readers on how to look their best.

The Experience and Skills Required for Fashion Journalism

Becoming a fashion journalist requires hands-on experience as an intern at any reputable fashion media outlet, public relations agency, or magazine. Having exposure to such environments will allow you to build valuable connections and gain knowledge about the fashion industry. But that is not all.

If you want to make a name for yourself, like Robin Givhan of The Washington Post, Carine Roitfeld of Harper’s BAZAAR, or Alexander Fury of The Independent, your skillset matters as well, some of which are discussed below:

Excellent Communication Skill

Fashion journalism requires the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. You should be able to write, edit, and proofread texts professionally as well as work well with others, including the editor-in-chief and managing editor. Research paper writing help can be of assistance to you if you still need to work on your writing skills. They help you to prepare for the quality level of writing required of you.

As you develop your writing skills, start a blog or self-publish your fashion writing to discover your voice and style. It allows you to build a strong portfolio that will land you a secured position at a fashion company.

Ability to Write on Multiple Platforms

Fashion journalism is a rapidly changing field. Every day, a new design idea and concept emerges, and fashion houses compete for market share by presenting new products or eye-catching events. Your writing skills should keep pace with this dynamic environment.

For this purpose, you should be able to write not only for print media, like newspapers and magazines, but also multimedia platforms like blogs, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This versatility gives you an edge in the industry.

Infusing Personality into Your Job

The job description of a fashion journalist entails delivering news, analysis, and trends to fashion-savvy consumers. Generally, they are interested in celebrity fashion trends, fads, and classics. Writing is the perfect way for you to add personality and spice to your job. It involves writing features, columns, interviews, and reviews.

Additionally, you will conduct interviews with celebrities and designers in the fashion industry. Making these interviews more personal will ensure that you don’t sound boring. Having a confident and lively personality will help you build rapport with interviewees while connecting with your audience.

How to Become a Journalist in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Journalists have certain prerequisites to meet, which include the following.

Obtaining a Relevant Degree

Is this mandatory? Not necessarily. However, it is recommended and helpful in providing you with the foundational knowledge and skills to succeed in fashion journalism. It also opens up tons of lucrative job openings in the industry, making you a valuable asset. Most fashion journalists are degree holders in fashion design, communications, and other similar fields.

Developing a Sturdy Portfolio

To establish yourself as an authority in the fashion industry and attract the attention of established fashion media companies, you must prove your worth. Understand that it isn’t enough to say “I am a journalist.” Notable establishments need something that backs your claim — a portfolio.
With this, you are in a great position to become a successful fashion journalist. Your portfolio should showcase your best work. Some notable ways to build this are by setting up a blog and working as an intern for a fashion company. There is always a starting point.

Choosing a Direction

Fashion journalists aren’t strictly writers. There are other specialisations in this industry. For example, you can become a fashion stylist, editor, or even a fashion director, whichever suits your interest. As a beginner in fashion journalism, you should start with entry-level positions and then climb up the ladder to get more senior roles. By then, you would have built an exhaustive and successful portfolio that stands out.

Becoming Your Best

There will be many ups and downs in your career as a fashion journalist. Nevertheless, to stay consistent, give your all to achieve the best results. Strive to work and learn from the best, as it will ensure a smooth career path in the future.


Given all these skills and knowledge, it is easy to see why fashion journalism is such an attractive career choice. Get a reputable online writing service if you need to develop your writing skills, but only after you’ve reviewed it.

For instance, 99 Papers review and feedback show the platform’s users’ experiences. If you follow our tips for aspiring fashion journalists, you will build a successful career in this booming industry. We hope our advice has been helpful.

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