“I am Nature” – The Vaishali S Couture SS24 Collection Paris Fashion Week

Vaishali S’ Couture Spring-Summer 2024 collection celebrates freedom of expression and individualism.
Paris, 22nd January 2024: A third couture collection in Paris after becoming the first Indian woman invited to showcase at Haute Couture Week, Vaishali emits a powerful statement of freedom of expression and individualistic lifestyle choices, leveraging her beloved heritage.

Each Vaishali S collection is but a new step into her seamless journey of self-discovery through fashion. Her last collection “Abyss” was about diving deep into the darkness of the ocean (or the self) to discover the inner colors and beauties that lie beneath.

This season’s collection is a realization that there is no distinction between nature and us, that we are nature, and nature is us. Vaishali S’ Couture SS24 collection titled “I am Nature,” explores the profound connection between the external world and our inner selves. This collection serves as a poignant call for a change in perspective, for a self-empowerment into styling traditional handwoven textiles for the most irreverent and personal self-expression.


“I am Nature” is a mature blend of more wearable yet as much creative garments, with a fine balance of precious hand-woven fabrics from different states of India with new hand work; a powerful expression of what the designer has inside and her deep connection with Nature.

The collection was complemented by statement pieces from the famous Parisian jeweler Lydia Courteille which perfectly extended the message enhancing the luxury allure.

About Vaishali Shadangule:

Having left her hometown of Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh as a teenager, Designer Vaishali Shadangule discovered her passion for Indian textiles at a young age. Over two decades of continuous experimentation with handwoven textiles and applications, she has become an enigma to both Indian and international patrons. Vaishali continues to carry the legacy of Indian textiles onto the global fashion scene.

Having presented collections at prestigious events like the Lakme Fashion Week and Delhi Fashion Week, Vaishali Shadangule has been honored as “Indian Designer of the Year” twice. In 2021, she made her debut at the Paris Haute Couture Week, marking her as the first Indian woman on its stage. Following this, in 2022, she became the first Indian woman on the official calendar at Milano Fashion Week. Since then, she has continued to captivate audiences with her unique collections.


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