How to Prepare Your Hair for Fashion Week

How to Prepare Your Hair for Fashion Week

Looking good during fashion week is a big deal. Some people spend weeks or months preparing for it. You know there will be photographers taking pictures, and everyone has their “fashion police” hats on.

It’s an excellent opportunity to network and make valuable connections regarding your work, and it can be a lot of fun. However, the week can quickly take a sour turn if you’re feeling insecure about any part of your appearance. The following will break down some of the things you can do to prepare your hair for a beautiful fashion week.

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Before we begin, it is essential to acknowledge that it’s easy to get carried away in fashion week. Looks aren’t everything, but during fashion week, it can feel like they are. Amid all the preparation you’re doing, make sure you’re taking some time away from the chaos of it all to practice some positive self-care habits. Yoga and meditation are great tools for this. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and maybe even spend a moment writing out all the things you love about fashion and yourself to get your mindset right for an enjoyable week.

Lay Off The Heat

Leading up to fashion week, you might want to stop using heat tools on your hair like straighteners, curling irons, or blow dryers on high heat. We all love these tools, and they can do beautiful things, but giving your hair a little break beforehand can help reduce any split ends or roughness that you want to avoid. Your hair can recover pretty quickly if you give it some breathing room.

Nourish, Nourish, Nourish

In addition to your regular conditioning, you might want to use a high-quality hair mask or oil to help give your hair a little moisture and nutrition boost before you beat it up for a week. This will help make sure your hair is shiny and healthy-looking no matter what you’re going to do with it. If you’re nervous about trying new products so close to fashion week, there are countless recipes for DIY masks that use only natural foods. If you’re not allergic to these foods, your hair probably won’t be either.

Get Your Extensions, Dyes, Or Haircuts Early

If you’re planning on getting extensions, touching up your roots, or having any cutting done, do it a little before fashion week. Experts from recommend this so that your hair has time to settle and so you have time to get used to the new color or cut before you need to understand correctly how to style it. If you’re someone who finds extensions make your scalp a little sore, this will also give you time to get over the adjustment period. Beyond this, booking appointments in advance helps ensure that you’ll get an appointment in the time frame you need it.

Update Your Tool Kit

Fashion week can feel like it lasts an entire month because there are so many events and activities all packed together. Make sure you get things you need (extra bobby pins, a purse-sized dry shampoo bottle, a purse-sized hair oil bottle, or whatever else your hair likes) so that you can keep going for hours without needing to run home or back to the hotel for touch-ups.

While you’re at it, toss a few vitamins in your emergency pack. We don’t know why, but people always seem to have colds during fashion week, and this can help keep your immune system strong and cover a little for the fast-food you’ll be eating. They can also do wonders for energy levels and your skin.

Trust Your Hair

For some of us, this is hard advice to take. But we all have different hair textures, some styles work with what we’ve got, and some don’t. Don’t try to force your hair to be something it isn’t. Emphasizing what is unique and beautiful about your hair is the fastest way to pull off that Je ne sais quois thing that all the french models are always talking about.

Think about every fashion icon we’ve ever had (Marilyn, Kate, Kim, Cara). The one thing they all have in common is embracing what is unique about themselves. Cara didn’t get rid of her brows; don’t hide the thing that is special about you. For some reason, we all copy the physical manifestations instead of what was truly attractive about these icons: how much they didn’t care that they didn’t fit in.

With the above tips, your hair should be healthy and ready for fashion week. It’s important to note that no one knows your hair as well as you do. Trust your instincts and don’t do anything to make it angry before the big week.


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