How to Extend Short Hair?

How to extend short hair?

You’ve made a tough decision to cut your hair, but now you want it back? While waiting for it to grow, which will probably take at least a year or two, you can use hair extensions and start loving to look in the mirror again!

To consider yourself beautiful and feminine, you obviously don’t need long hair. It all comes down to how good you feel in your own skin. However, cutting the hair short often turns out to be a wrong decision. There are face types that do not go well with short haircuts since they may emphasize the sharpness of the bone structure. If badly adjusted, they may also make the face look even more round or square.

No wonder that many times people regret their decision to cut their hair short. If you found yourself in this position, you may feel that there’s no way back. And indeed, you cannot go back in time – however, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to walk around with a short haircut until it grows back! You can use hair extensions for short hair. How to extend short hair in an effective and aesthetically pleasing way? Here are some tips!

How long should your hair be to extend it?

In order to extend short hair, your natural hair strands should be at least 5 cm. This length enables making the transitions between the strands and extensions practically invisible. However, note that when it comes to short hair extensions, the difficulty level is much higher. Thus, it’s worth searching for a hairdresser specialized in this kind of treatment to make sure that the effect will be stunning!

What kind of method should you choose for extensions for short hair?

The choice of the method depends on many aspects, including your budget. However, in the case of extensions for short hair, we strongly recommend the keratin method. The clip-ins may be more visible on the short strands. The keratin solution, on the other hand, guarantees a seamless transition between natural hair and extensions. As a result, the effect looks much more natural. That’s why women with short hair often choose this solution, even though it’s more costly. Note, however, that it is a semi-permanent method, durable for up to six months.

If you want to extend your hair temporarily, you can try with clip in hair extensions, but remember that the shorter the haircut is, the less natural will the effect be. A lot depends on your hairdresser’s skills.

Short hair extensions are a great way to change your look instantly instead of waiting for the strands to grow. If you have short hair and want to extend it, make sure to find a qualified hairdresser experienced in such cases.


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