How CBD and Cannabinoids Fit into Cosmetics

The beauty industry has experienced immense growth over time, and now more than ever, users are becoming more aware of the things they should or should not use on their skin and hair.

CDR or cannabidiol is becoming a sought-after ingredient in beauty products these days, even though it is yet to be regulated in some parts of the world. One such option that users like is the wide variety of topicals, such as those on, known for many benefits, including pain relief while moisturizing the skin. CBD lacks the psychoactive qualities associated with THC, making it safe to use on the ski without any jitters or adverse side effects.

This article looks into how we have incorporated CBD into daily beauty regimes.

The Hype

When marijuana was first introduced into beauty products, the makers tested the waters with lotions, lip balms, and creams specifically made for pain relief while moisturizing the skin. When the market received this well, maybe better than expected, thanks to the legalization of weed in parts of the world, the beauty industry went crazy. Now, there is infused lube, mascara, and many other products as the world realized there was already too much out of this plant that wasn’t explored. Naturally, the market can only get bigger as more research is done into marijuana and its benefits to the body and skin.

The legal conundrum cannot be missed because some states in North America and several parts of the world are yet to legalize weed. The places where the product is legal insist on proper labeling to establish the quality of CBD in the product and whether it has any THC. Companies will naturally need the correct documentation and permits to make and distribute these products.

How Cannabis Works in Beauty Products

The all-natural plant has several micronutrients, such as essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E, all of which are great for the skin. Medical marijuana is now legal in 37 states, while 19 of those already allow recreational use, making it a prime product to explore in as many ways as possible.

How does cannabidiol work in the body? It has the same qualities as anandamide, which the body produces. When ingested through edibles, you get the effects of the product into the bloodstream, where they will stay for long. Anandamide gives you a brief yet deeply relaxing state of euphoria that physically active people sometimes experience after an intensive workout, so you can use weed to boost this feeling when you are low. When applied topically, the effects of weed only sink skin deep and will not last too long as they do not get into the bloodstream. It is thought that as the products accumulate in the skin, you may feel effects long after applying the product.

CBD’s most desired qualities in beauty products are as an anti-inflammatory agent and pain killer. Most of the products on the market are geared towards pain relief, so they are ideal for burns and skin infections. There is still so much to study, especially where dry skin and eczema are concerned because they are two areas that lead users to buy creams and serums. They are also popular with athletes and people in fitness who struggle with sore muscles after workouts as they bring down swelling and ease the pain.

Do CBD Topicals Make One High?

There is usually that concern with most people when anything made from weed is mentioned, but most of the time, this concern is not that grave. The market has several strains with and without THC, so one should not worry about getting high if they choose a strain free of THC. Beauty products made with CBD will not make you high.

If using the cream for localized pain, you will immediately feel the effects because it is absorbed into the skin without passing through the various routes it would have taken with vaping or oral consumption. You want to look at the percentage of CBD in a product to know whether it will sufficiently help with pain if that’s your concern. If you want it as a cosmetic product, the creams, bath bombs, and other products contain moisturizing qualities similar to those of other products in the industry.

Not Enough Research

Marijuana is not as widely researched as most other ingredients used for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, thanks in part to its illegal state that is only easing up lately. Some areas not fully tested show cannabidiol could stimulate hair growth and hence make a great ingredient for hair products, but that is yet to be studied conclusively. What is already known is that CBD has many benefits if the compounds are studied extensively, which takes time and lots of resources.

That being said, the world will take what it can, which is currently pain relief and the plant’s anti-inflammatory qualities. Since those have been studied and seen to work, we can now use the products on the market with a great deal of confidence.

What’s Next in the Beauty World?

Already the world is abuzz with what has been happening in the cannabeauty world, and it is expected to become even bigger as more research is done into CBD. There is talk of terpenes being processed in what could be the essential oils of weed that will be combined with other products for more medicinal benefits. They will be used for better pain relief from topical application and, overall, weed aromatherapy. As the world opens up to weed more, we can only expect this future chapter to be as great as the current takeover of CBD topicals.


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