Hours Launches Pre-sale of Bestsellers With Improved Designs and Heightened Emphasis on Sustainability

Hours Launches Pre-sale of Bestsellers With Improved Designs and Heightened Emphasis on Sustainability

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HOURS is a modern, high-quality fashion brand focused on creating sustainable pieces exclusively for sizes 14-28. Founded by sister in laws, Harroop Kaur and Naaz Gulati, in June 2019.

This is their story:

“We started HOURS because we were tired of perpetuating a standard of sameness that didn’t reflect the diversity we saw in our lives. As women of color living and working in New York City, our lives are filled with people of unique backgrounds and body types. We believe all women should have access to clothing without compromise: beautiful, sustainable and made to last in elegant hues and timeless silhouettes. We were inspired to build a brand of high quality and accessible clothing for our friends and other women like them—women who fashion has historically marginalized. And we wanted to do it sustainably.


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“In 2019, we launched our inaugural capsule collection of luxe essentials. Today, we continue to create clothes through intentional design, sustainable sourcing, and ethical production. With every piece we create, we’re endeavoring to empower plus size women to demand more from their wardrobe.

“In early 2020, we were excited to introduce our Spring collection of new, fresh styles and were thrilled to bring back improved versions of some of our best sellers – and then COVID-19 happened. The world came to a complete stop, including the development and production of our newest collection. As our supply chain completely halted, we quickly had to pivot our business model to adapt to this new reality.

“A silver lining of the pandemic has been an increased focus on sustainability, specifically in the fashion industry, and the responsibility of brands and brand owners to think seriously about their environmental impact and implementing ethical initiatives.

“We’ve reimagined two of our best sellers with new colors, upgraded designs, and our ever-improving sustainable production methods. To bring these pieces back the right way, we’re launching a pre-sale to help us measure demand. As a sustainably minded small business this allows us to make only what we need, eliminating fabric waste and excess inventory that often winds up in landfills. This, in addition to using only high-end upcycled materials, allows us to create beautiful clothing with minimal impact.

“Thank you for supporting HOURS. It is so critical that small businesses are able to survive (and thrive) during this time so that plus size women (who make up more than 67% of women in the US!) feel empowered and continue to have access to modern, high quality and sustainable fashion.”


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