Hottest Social Media Trends Right Now

These fashion trends are the hottest right now on social media

We are pretty sure that over the course of a year, many of the outfits that are hanging in your closet have not been worn as often as you would like. It also became very clear that fashion would turn into a more comfortable trend as many began to stay home and work from home.

Of course, we made sure to stay professional for video calls with the boss and other coworkers. However, we enjoyed lounging below the waist, with our boxers or pajamas. And although we enjoyed being cozy inside, the fashion world continued to push forward, as always. These fashionables have now begun to hit social media like wildfire and as a trend, have been catching on by many.

Below, we have brought together a few of the most recent fashion trends that are the hottest right now on social media.

The Blazer

The blazer continues to be the most recognizable piece of fashion for many years. Literally, it is considered to be timeless and capable of improving any other ensemble. Because of its versatility, it is no surprise it can be seen all over social media. Besides improving an ensemble, a blazer is able to be accepted as an informal dress when incorporated with other dresses such as a slip or even a pair of trousers that are wide-legged.

Incorporating Green

Green may not be for everybody; however, it is seen a lot throughout many fashion ítems both in retailers and social media. With green, it can easily complement a person’s skin tone as well as enhancing those with light or dark tones. A variety of green colors exists so the choices are endless if you incorporate it into your fashion. A few of the color schemes include sage, olive, and lime and are seen on many fashionables such as satin one-pieces, the crop top, bikini, and jackets. With green continuing to be a big trend, we can only imagine it to continue as we continue to see it being worn daily by celebrities such as the Kardashians and Christine Lampard.

The Denim Statement

It seems like it has been ages that denim has been seen. However, denim has made a comeback, which can give a wardrobe an entire facelift today. Whether it is going for a simple or casual look, denim is able to be spruced up with smooth flats, which can transition easily between day and evening.

Artwork fashion

Everyone wants to be unique. They want one of a kind. They want to stand out. And the best way to achieve this is by sporting clothing or shoes that no one else has. That’s where artwork fashion comes in. Whether it’s a limited edition run of a sweatshirt or a pair of custom Vans slipons, social media is full of examples of hand-painted shoes. The best part of this trend is how truly custom you can be. We’ve seen artists go wild with creativity.

The Tie Dye

The tie-dye is a fashion trend that never seems to “die” as we see it appear year after year. With it being available so easily, tie-dye fashion does not take much. Plus, due to its huge amount of popularity, it can also be incorporated into other fashionables such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, and joggers.
This trend is very hype and requires very little to pull it off. It has become very familiar everywhere and the best part is that it is not limited to any one color. For those wanting to wear it more formally, then they can be found at all big-name retailers online. You will be able to find a nice mini dress, playsuit, or jumpsuit all laden with tie-dye.

A Bandana Top

Another fashion item that has made a comeback is the bandana top. Not only was a bandana top seen often among models, celebrities, and music bands, but now it is all over social media. It may have made a slow return but it is here now and it can be seen within many styles and mediums such as satin and cotton. With many styles available, the color also plays a major part in the overall appearance such as a style known as a bandeau. Other than the bandeau, you will spot other tops that are triangle designs that you tie from behind.

The Butterfly Design

Having a butterfly design as a trend is a great way to incorporate butterfly patterns and impressions on a variety of tops, bottoms, and all types of skirts. Their main purpose is to provide contrast to the ordinary fashions often seen throughout social media. The butterfly made its initial debut among social media when it became a go-to statement with Kylie Jenner as she continuously wore it in many of her posts and feeds. Jenner makes sure to go all out with butterflies too. With everything from emojis to her tattoo and all of her fashionables, it seems like the butterfly has transformed the entire social media scene. Taking it one step further beyond fashion can create a stronger urge to incorporate a butterfly which leaves it to be useable for many situations such as parties and get-togethers.

Wide Leg Pants

Having a pair of wide-leg pants has been a dominating style throughout social media and online retailers. Not only is this a trend that continues to grow but many designers have even started out in the market by bringing notice to their own spin of the fashion. They can be matched with many heels, flats, or even a trench coat to create a heightened appearance. They can even be paired with other items we have listed such as a blazer to create a more casual look. If you try to find a nice pair for yourself, then you need to make sure to grab a pair as fast as possible so that supply does not run out.


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