HiTechModa Signature Street Shoots, NYC Style. Welcome to New York!

In September’s cool, crisp weather, our models were true professionals ready for the next opportunity.

Point a camera at a model, and the connection with the camera is automatic – they become one.



hiTechMODA Signature Street Shoots

Our signature street shoot is a LIVE onset modeling photoshoot, absent of the sterile and private photoshoots, temperature controlled with no interruptions.

As you can see from the photos, our models mastered the elements; the wind in their hair, rain on their faces; in reality, none of that mattered; it is the model’s connection with the camera. An outsider would not understand, nor would some care.

our models mastered the elements

The constant clicking of the camera, flash in their eyes, people watching, yet the model’s only connection is with the camera – a true MODA model.


Street Shoot Photographers

Aldo Fotograpfia
Andrew Omoregie Photography
Genius World Photography
JCW Videography and Photography

Hair and Make Up

New York Make Up Academy


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