hiTechMODA Réversion – #noapology

hiTechMODA Réversion – #noapology

HiTechMODA is known for its innovative approach to fashion and for staying ahead of the trend.

We pride ourselves on being the independent fashion show others love to emulate. New York Fashion Week (NYFW), February 10 – 13, 2022, promises to be yet another exciting event for hiTechMODA, as we deliver on our trademark uniqueness by mixing the past with the future in a fashion event dubbed “Réversion – #noapology.”

hiTechMODA has always combined traditional fashion shows with the latest innovative high tech, and blended it with new ways to think of fashion. We are an independent fashion show with wide visibility, and we pride ourselves on being the launching platform for many models and emerging designers. hiTechMODA Season 7 will take a new approach and apply a different philosophy from the typical one-runway fashion show, reimagining how fashion is displayed.

With a new curator, a new approach, and with no apology, hiTechMODA will be turning heads yet again this coming NYFW. To move into the future, we must first go back … in our current state of supply chain disruptions and the closing of brick-and-mortar stores, we will be bringing fashion back to when fashion shows generated frenetic energy and spark; when NYFW was the must-see—and must-be-seen-at—event for anyone who was anyone. The show will focus on showcasing talent with a whirl of creativity and direct contact between designer and audience, buyers, fans, and a new customer base.

With “Réversion – #noapology,” we are returning to the fashion event drawing board to take our signature innovative approach in a new and exciting direction. We won’t apologize for going back to fashion show basics, just as our world has gone back to basics. The past two years have been a time of uncertainty and transition that has weighed heavy on many. To look forward, we must look back to ensure we do not repeat the same errors.

Says producer PS Privette (Pamela), “I loved coming to NYC in the ’80s and ’90s. NYC was full of sample sales, pop-ups, and wonderful street vendors. I would return home with fabulous items, and everyone would want to know where I bought them. Unfortunately, we have become too commercial, moving into fast fashion and creating too much waste.” This coming February, hiTechMODA is going back to this era to bring it back to the present; it will be an excellent time for independent designers to connect or reconnect with their client base.

NYC was full of sample sales, pop-ups, and wonderful street vendors, says Privette

When our guests enter our show this February, we want them to feel something again, something they haven’t felt in a while; the ability to interact. When was the last time you walked by a store window in the city of dreams and saw live models showcasing designs and having pure fun with stately confidence? When was the last time you entered a fashion show that gave you that shivering feeling of excitement? Not only do we want to bring back the aura of fashion as it was before, but rather the sense of getting to know your designer way beyond their designs by understanding their mission and their mindset behind the beauty.

Our venue, The Vondué, located in the heart of the Garment District in Midtown Manhattan, will create an impression from the moment people walk up. The Vondué, a brand-new venue perfectly suited for our vision, was transformed from its prior life as a boutique to a bright up-and-coming event space with much room for interaction. We will be featuring a wide range of collaborative ventures throughout our show, including window modeling exhibitions, floor exhibitions, and traditional runway segment shows.

Our venue, The Vondué, will create an impression from the moment people walk up

The first American fashion show was held in 1903 in New York City in a store called “Ehrlich Brothers,” with the purpose being to showcase fashion for purchase in-store directly off the runway. In a first for hiTechMODA, we will be allowing our guests to visit pop-up shops located on the mezzanine of The Vondué to purchase designs hot off the runway.

On February 10, 11, 12, and 13, we invite you to feel the allure of fashion that has been largely missing since the turn of the century, and leave with an experience you will never forget…and maybe a custom couture piece that caught your eye that you were able to actually walk up and touch the fabric and speak with the designer! Don’t miss the most anticipated fashion event of the season; we promise you will have no apology, nor should you for joining us to embrace the past and future – together.

If you want to be part of the experience, we are presently accepting applications for sponsors, designers, and models for NYFW hiTechMODA Season 7 – “Réversion – #noapology,” as well as our future events Orlando Swim Week and hiTechMODA NY South taking place July 15-17,
2022, at the beautiful Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Disney Springs Area, online at

Finally, we are honored to announce our new partnerships with Fashion Week Online, AfterPay, and local NYC sponsor The Tailor Public House, our pre-party and afterparty host. These sponsors join Marc Defang NYC, Connections Corporation Nationwide Conference and Meeting Planners, MODA Universe, New York Makeup Academy, Artistic Design, and Model Mentor by Rachel Lauren.



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