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History of Miami Swim Week

History of Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week has a rich history, according to the writer who penned this simply amazing article. So here goes ….

The first ever event was held back in 1989 and it was organized by Jimmy Woodman, who is currently working as the founder of Active.com. The event was started in conjunction with the Florida Sports Magazine. The event became a success and it was continued till 1998 successfully. However, the event stopped after 1998 and was restored by 2005. Miami Sports International, which is a subsidiary of the Swim Gym Aquatics, played a major role behind restoring the event. This organization was led by the fourth year captain of the University of Florida Swimming Team, Jonathan Strauss.

Miami Swim has been a number of things, including an open water swimming event held in Florida every year. The last occurrence of this event took place back in 17th of April, 2016. The event was owned and organized by the H2O foundation, which is working with the mission of eradicating drowning that takes place in South Florida.

The primary objective behind Miami Swim Week was to bring open water swimming into the forefront of the aquatic sports. The founders of this event had the dream of developing open water swimming in order to make it one of the Olympic sports. In addition, this event was created to help swimmers give back their contributions into the sport. The event became extremely popular within short period of time, with people shopping places like Globo Surf. Even some of the Past Olympians have taken part in this event. They include Tiffany Cohen, Robert Strauss, Nathan Adrian, Ed Moses, Anthony Ervin, Ricardo Moasterio, George Bovell and Gary Hall.

Over time, Miami Swim Week went through some significant changes. In fact, it gradually transformed into an event showcasing designers. International Swim Wear brands from all parts of the world now take part in Miami Swim Week in order to unveil their latest collections.

Miami Swim Week has become an event where thousands of designers, models and industry insiders get together to showcase their talents. They pay special attention towards the trends that are expected to take place within swimwear industry in the future. Since the restoration of the event back in 2005, the event is currently passing its 10th year.

Today, Miami Swim Week has been transformed into a popular brand in today’s world. It is scheduled to take place in April this year as well. People from all parts of the world prefer to visit Miami Swim Week in order to have fun and get to know about the latest designs in the swimwear industry. They also get the opportunity to figure out what they can expect from their favorite swimwear brands in the future. The fashion show has the ability to excite the audience. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the leading events taking place in the swimwear industry.



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