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History and Facts about London Fashion Week

History and Facts About London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is a famous clothing tradeshow / series of fashion events that happens in London every year in February and September.

It is one of the mega four fashion shows with the other three comprising of the Milan, Paris and New York. The show is meant to showcase the imperative fashion designs from various dedicated designers. It is comprised of ‘’how to’’ and ‘’buy now’’ fashion show displays that are trying to win the interest of fashion enthusiasts from across the world.

A Brief History of the Show

London fashion Week first took place in October 1983. The British Fashion council and London Development Agency planned the whole event from calling of the designers to arrangement of the venue. The Department for Business, skills, and Innovation also spearheaded the arrangement of this show with an aim of promoting London’s fashion talents. After the first occurrence of the show, traders deemed it as opportunity to market their products, and they started funding the event. Currently, major noble investors like Mercedes-Benz, Toni & Guy are the ones funding the event.

Facts about London Fashion Week

In 1986, the royal leaders got interested with the show, they started to attend it. By then, it was very rare for dignitaries like the prime minister and even the local leaders to get concerned with such things. But to the surprise of every attendant in 1986, Margret Thatcher attended the show and stayed there for the whole week despite being a busy person. Fashion shows were by then not that developed and modern, they were just like street events meant to entertain the middle class and low-class people, but Margret proved people wrong after she parked her VIP cars and watched the whole event.

Stella McCartney, the now famous and triumphing fashion designer that is iconic in the show, joined in 1985 when she was still a student. Her entire collection made windfall sales after she presented in the summer spring shows due to how spectacular her designs were.

London Fashion Week supports the blogging community. In 2014 alone, 2,000 bloggers registered with the show to be allowed to air the contents of the show to the world. The content to be shared includes videos and photos of the show so that fans who don’t manage to attend can get a full recap of the whole event.

The British Fashion Council opened a fashion store to enshrine all the excellent fashion designs from the cutting edge fashion designers that rock in the show. Some concerned fans raised complain that they normally find it hard to access the contemporary fashion designs after attending the show. They wanted to get these trendy designs as quickly as possible, and so the BFC brought the initiative of opening the store where fans can directly order for the best fashions.

It is estimated that the show is attended by more than 5,000 people every year and it has orders that are worth £100 million which is a good gain to London as a whole. Owing to this economic significance, even the authorities facilitate the smooth occurrence of the show.


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