Heavy Metal & Other Key 2021 Trends in Jewelry

Heavy Metal & Other Key 2021 Trends in Jewelry

To be properly dressed, just as much attention needs to be devoted to jewelry as the clothing you wear. Indeed, many jewelry items are vastly more expensive than any clothing piece you would ever buy, and that is why it is so important to think carefully about any purchase you make.

Of course, this means staying up to date with the latest jewelry trends, something you can get the low down on in our post below.

Heavy metal

With Robdejer leading the way, and many other independent jewelry designers following, you can expect to see plenty of heavy metal on the runways in 2021. However, unlike seasons past, these metallic embellishments will have a distinctly spherical bent.

Indeed, sliver geometry is likely to be with us for the whole of 2021 and beyond, so be sure to choose your pieces accordingly if you wish to stay en-vogue.


Take a leaf out of Versace’s book and opt for an eye-catching piece in neon enamel. Ideas for adding some fun or a little edge to even the most modest of outfits, neon jewelry is also ideal for summer and showing off your tan.

Avoid a less expensive look by steering clear of plastic neon pieces and option for more expensive finishes like enamel instead.

’90s inspired beachy beadwork

Remember surf chicks in the ‘90s and thin beaded necklaces they used to wear? Well with the current devotion to all things Y2K it’s hardly surprising that these relatively simple, and fun pieces have come back into vogue.

Release your inner flower child with beaded bloom designs, or why not splash out on a sustainably sourced shell choker for summer?

Asymmetrical earrings

Ever considered wearing just one earring? Well, as Fendi has shown, in 2021 definitely should because asymmetrical earwear is a strong trend on both runways and magazines. However, not just any old earring will do. Instead, there is a particular formula that you need to follow when it comes to Asymmetrical ear wear.

First of all, the piece you choose needs to be larger, oversized even for maximum impact. Think curved organic shapes with a distinct eighties vibe. Secondly, you need to pick an earring that extends beyond the lobe, preferably dangling down.

Of course, the good news about wearing just a single earring is that you can spend double the amount! You may even wish to find the #1 Jewelry Secured Lender in your area and trade in some of your old pieces for some extra cash to put towards new ones. Indeed, such jewelry lenders are often a great place to refresh your jewelry closet with vintage and hard-to-find pieces as well.

Bangles are back

No, not the eighties girl group with poofy perms, but the type you wear on your wrist. Metallics are a solid choice here, but so are bangles in other materials including beadwork and wood. Again, the bigger the better when it comes to size, and don’t forget to layer to ensure maxim impact. Alternatively one on each side for some perfect symmetry can work well too, just make sure they are the same to balance things out.

Charming charms

Why go for a piece with only a single pendant when you can layer a multitude and provide a real feast for the eyes. Yes, that is right charms are set to be big this year and one of the best things about this trend is how you can expand your collection over time.

Indeed, by investing in charms rather than fixed pieces you get loads more flexibility as you can essentially design your own earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Choose bright gold for the chains and fixings and be sure to include variety with cut gems, solid gold pieces, cabochons, and pearls for the ultimate in style.

Ice ice baby

This year it’s not rubies, emerald, or topaz that are a girl’s best friend, but those old favorite diamonds. Yes, anything featuring cold, hard ice is a good bet in 2021. Although it is worth noting that the current focus is less on single stones of rock-like proportions and more on dramatic pieces encrusted with glittering motes that catch the light. Think ethereal, dream-like fantasy rather than Tiffany engagement ring.

Of course, while it would be nice to have the spare change to invest in a headpiece or diamond ladened bib if your budget doesn’t quite stretch check out independent designers and makers on platforms like Etsy for couture-inspired offerings at a far more reasonable price.