Hay-Hay Concept & Tariel Bisharian Showroom Fashion Presentation

Hay-Hay Concept & Tariel Bisharian Showroom Fashion Presentation

Represented by Taerus PR.

HAY-HAY Fashion Concept Store in collaboration with Tariel Bisharian Showroom – Milano presented a selection of talented emerging designers.

The presentation included clothing collections as well as accessories and jewellery lines. The guests had a chance to meet several emerging designers from Armenia, Estornia, France, Italy, Taiwan,Ukraine and the US.

Hay-Hay Concept & Tariel Bisharian

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Photos: Anna Minaeva

According to Lucine Ayanian, Founder and Creative Director of HAY-HAY, new and interesting designers of Armenian origin are constantly sought after: “This is amazing that in the past couple of years emerging brands were able to catch the attention of fashion professionals all over the world. I truly believe in Armenian design. I believe that our unique roots can bring beauty and style to everyone’s life these days. This is why I put all my time and effort into HAY-HAY Concept Store – to give Armenian designers a chance to reach new customers wherever they are”, she explains. “HAY-HAY and TB Showroom are so much more than just another commercial sport. It’s a platform where we can make Armenian design known worldwide, together.”

Cocktail event was attended by Antonella Volpe, PR at COLLEZIONI, Italy; Song Yu Zhang, Head Fashion Editor at TRIPLEmag, Paris/Italy; Irina Chernyak, Editor-in-Chief at La Botanica, US/Italy; Russ Ev, Editor-in-Chief at Spy News Magazine; Rai TV and others. Media presentation included fashion collections from the following brands: Anet’s Collection, ARTUYT Silk, Armine Ohanyan, Daphne Couture, IIIIT Art Store, Naughty Sunday Eyewear, SHABEEG, SOMA Jewellery, Z.G.EST.

HAY-HAY is the shopping destination for Armenian design. It’s a platform where emerging designers get their chance to reach new customers all over the globe. It’s a unique online store that offers a wide selection of items – from hand-picked collections to shoes and accessories, from bags to home textiles and nifty items. https://www.hay-hay.co

Tariel Bisharian Showroom is a Milan-based multi-brand fashion showroom and consultancy experienced in emerging designers. The company specialises in brand building campaigns, including sales campaigns and fashion presentations, for designers, labels, and manufacturers. https://www.tbmilano.com

IIIIT Sarkisian

Lilit Sarkisian is a famous fashion illustrator and artist. For many years, Lilit has been creating prints and illustrations for well-established European and Ukrainian designers.
In 2016, she launched her own brand, IIIIT SARKISIAN, featuring clothes, accessories, and home textiles with unique prints that she presents in her LILIT ART STORE. Lilit’s mission is to print the whole world, making it more beautiful. Each print is created by hand using watercolour and ink. The highest quality prints guarantee that they won’t fade, crack, or wash away.

Anet’s Collection

Anet Abnous is a Los Angeles-based Armenian-American artist whose vision is instituted on feminine beauty and empowerment. With female figures as her muse, she creates breathtaking and abstract imagery symbolising women’s liberation and rights.

Anet’s creations are deeply compelling and culturally diverse. Her ethnic and cultural designs contrast the vibrant colours and impeccable details of traditional costumes and styles intertwined with subdued darker shades to divulge an art of striking beauty. Her paintings are displayed in several private collections and have showcased in galleries in New York, Rhode Island, California, and Korea. Her creations and story have been published in magazines and news such as Asbury Park, Burbank Leader, NY Art Magazine, and others to name a few. An ardent supporter of women-centered causes, Anet co-curated Manhattan’s first Armenian female art exhibition in 2007, bringing together talented artists from Armenia, Syria, and the US. She has also exhibited in various galleries with the mission of ending violence against women. Anet’s Collection is Wearable, Tangible Art, which is the culmination of Anet’s dream to merge fine art, fashion, and storytelling through stylish tees, fashionable scarves, unisex accessories, complemented by her personal note cards imprinted with her work.


Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known in Armenia and beyond. The beautiful and unique scarves will let you discover the exquisite artifacts of Armenian culture, from the medieval times to modern Abstractionism.

New collection of scarves inspired by Albert Hakobyan Albert Hakobyan’s simple lifestyle is the result of the merging of the reality and his intellectual reflection. His works are surely fed from deep poetic searches. The artist is sensitive to the surrounding world, which becomes a complete and inexhaustible source for his artistic meditations. Communication with Albert is easy. His appearance does not correspond to the inner fire, the vibration of his soul, and his subtle attitude toward the phenomena of life. However, he also announces: “I am the inventor of bicycle. I invented the bicycle – my bike. No matter that bicycle exists for several hundred years already, the most important is the pleasure of discovery. Nothing can be said about painting, painting cannot be separated from life. Drawing is a lifestyle, an existence. There is no difference between drawing, sleeping, loving or traveling. Every act requires great responsibility and superfluous freedom. Nothing is essential and nothing is secondary. Everything has equal value and is independent in its own way. A line is never a color border. Only ABSOLUTE exists and the only problem is not to restrict the ABSOLUTE.


A new Parisian brand in Couture. Armenian designer, Armine Ohanyan fascination for arts and crafts is behind her latest collection of unique pieces, which are handcrafted with a particular creative technique and work around a-typical materials for women clothing as well as for men.

It’s a new generation of creators using new technology to make the link between art, fashion, and digital. Armine Ohanyan Paris is a brand that proposes unique pieces for women and men. The designer, Armine Ohanyan is considered to be at the edge of her generation in the world of Fashion, her futuristic vision is inspired essentially from nature’s force in all its forms.

A couture collection made in France, entirely handmade, intimately inspired by nature, showing the natural elements in all their forms. Ice, crystallization, rain, wind, dew and roots. Each shape of the collection represents one of these elements while at the same time a climate evolution where each season has its unique beauty and a gentle and mysterious atmosphere. Crystallized in these surroundings, the Human Being becomes Nature. The Nature is everlasting, nothing can stop it. It is the true beauty, perfection. For depicting this cycle of evolution, Armine Ohanyan uses the new technologies such as 3D printing or materials crafting, which play an important role in her creation process. Her art investigations never end, like the movement that she shows in its different forms and their ranges of colours and materials. Her creations are futuristic, modern, with a wide beauty touch. After only one season on the Haute Couture off calendar, Armine Ohanyan has managed to conquer famous international fashion magazines: Madame Figaro France, L’Officiel France, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Elle Italia, Amica Italia and many others.

Daphne Couture

Daphne Couture was born from the realization that a woman can better understand a woman’s needs today by putting the focus on femininity and comfort without any design compromises. Daphne’s bags represent the real luxury and glamour that recently we do not find much. Elegant and chic design, precious work and Italian craftsmanship make the bags graceful and sophisticated. The creator Dafna Cohen says: “I was born to be me … and here I am now with my beautiful bags”.

Naughty Sunday

Taiwanese brand Naughty Sunday derives its concept and inspiration from “New Oriental”. Naughty Sunday collections help the customers to discover the Asian culture and heritage,. The sunglasses are combined with Chinese traditional element, jump out the limitation of frame and reinterpret the diversified style of Naughty Sunday


Shabeeg, or “t-shirt” in Armenian, is a clothing brand dedicated to represent Armenian heritage universally through t-shirts and branding, aiming to help Armenians all over the world to not only represent, but also become ambassadors to the fauna, flora, and history of our culture and rich history.

Shabeeg’s FW19 collection’s inspiration is Cilicia, an independent principality, which later became a second Armenian Kingdom, when Armenia was under foreign invasion towards the end of the Middle Ages. This collection gives tribute to the monks and scribes of Cilicia who passed beautifully illuminated manuscripts to us.

SOMA Jewellery

SOMA is the jewellery brand established by Sofia Hallik (born in 1991 in Narva, Estonia), innovative jewellery maker and PhD researcher at Estonian Academy of Arts. SOMA presents an attempt to capture beauty that is beyond our grasp and understanding. The perfect symmetry of the forms, the synthetic nature of the material, the latest digital techniques, and

the use of a visually monochrome palette form the code of Sofia’s aesthetic preferences. Sofia Hallik has already exhibited in the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Estonia; the most important are “European Prize for Applied Arts 2015” in Belgium, Mons; “ESTONISHING!” exhibition at Thomas Cohn gallery as a part of Munich Jewellery Week 2016 and in Brazil, Sao Paulo; exhibition by Estonian Design House during Milan Design Week 2017.

POP series Playful shapes from the pOP collection is a perfect choice for those who love everything surreal and untraditional. POP is a reflection of modern pop culture. Fresh series combines 3D printing technology with the traditional method of gilding with gold and silver leaf.

PLÜSCH The most playful and versatile PLÜSCH series are an ultimate attention catcher. Colorful collection is made out of recycled wine corks and densely covered with sustainable textile material flock, which creates smooth and fluffy surface. This collection is best known for its eco-friendly material choice and wide range of vibrant colors fitting with any style.

UNIQUE It’s always a pleasure to work on conceptual art jewellery, to devote hours to every detail, not to regret the time spent on observation of the form and thinking about the most suitable material or clasp. The unique piece finds its owner throughout art exhibitions, catwalks, and boutiques, ending up with a person that appreciates art jewellery.


Z.G.EST is a conceptual fashion brand of Armenian origin. We put high emphasis on quality, capturing the newest trends in the fashion world and bringing unique design touches to our collections. We master at mixing simplicity with sophistication, aiming to build aspirational pieces that create a special experience, tell a story, and emotionally appeal to our customers.

FW2019-20 Collection Mindfulness FW 2019-2020 Collection Mindfulness is here to reveal major preoccupations of our beloved Z.G.EST woman, to free her spirit, to claim with passion and confidence that there are no boundaries for her, to remind her of the importance of capturing the present moment, of devoting time to ourselves, of taking a breath to liberate our mind, making changes and being the change.


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