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Harry’s Launches Brand for Women, Flamingo

The launch of Flamingo has boyfriends all over the world realizing their girlfriends have been using their hair removal products and razors for years. For the last few years I have been using Harry’s razors and shaving creams because the quality was just better than most options made for women, and I simply didn’t want a bright pink razor. Hair removal is a sector of personal care that we all invest in, but has been slow to evolve. Why is it that most of the options for women’s razors and shaving creams have been either pink and fruity or borrowed from the boys?

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A group of women working at Harry’s realized there was a need to take the Harry’s quality products and focus a range of products on the areas women need help the most; legs, bikini lines and underarms. One of the best parts about Flamingo is their waxing kits. Rewind a few years ago, I had a horrible in-home wax experience that I still can’t get over. So when the Flamingo wax kits arrived, I convinced my wax-virgin boyfriend to let me wax his back. There was absolutely no mess, and the verdict was that it was way less painful than he expected with minimal redness and leftover hairs. (My boyfriend is often time a test subject for new products, and Flamingo has been one of his favorites yet.)

For the first time in years women can finally own their own hair removal products that are chic, affordable and have the quality that the boys want to borrow from us for once. Don’t sleep on the launch of Flamingo, this is going to be your new one stop hair removal brand.


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