Hanacha Studio London Fashion Week AW20

Hanacha Studio AW20

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Hanacha Studio is an international womenswear label headquartered in Korea. The designer graduated from London College of fashion in 2012 with an MA in Fashion. Hanacha Studio won ‘Collection of the Year 2012’ at the V&A Museum and started dedicating her pieces to fashion design which manifests the understanding of art reflecting her own respective and artistic language mixed with odd combinations.

Obsessed by the essentiality in sculptures, painting and nature, the philosophy of Hanacha Studio is developing and refining a design and aesthetic that stands by combining contrasts from her research such as ‘simplicity’ and ‘complexity’. To be specific, the symbol of minimal silhouette and fabric manipulation of Hanacha Studio represents simplicity and complexity respectively. Twisting both the malleable fabric manipulation with fringes and the rigid-minimal silhouette shows the designers identity in abstract and figurative forms.


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Hanacha Studio’s AW20 collection is an academic and theoretical approach which has been expanded from Hanacha’s academic theory called ‘Simplification process in Bauhaus’ originating from her doctorate dissertation. As a realization in methodology, with simplification processes, this collection is especially inspired by ‘Assemblage’ which is a three-dimensional collage from Picasso’s sculptures. The process of simplification by Assemblage expresses basic elements into objects which have been extracted by simplifying from outfits and then become her own installations.

Consequently, Hanacha studio seeks to discern objects as the basic elements from fashion design and make these objects to be art. These approaches manifest theoretical ways dealing with the concept which is “Art inspired fashion, Fashion becomes art”.


Hanacha studio’s “Assemblage”, which is an art form created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate, manifests an artistic vision of Hanacha studio. For realization, her design methodology has shown by a painted fabrication.

For the AW20 show make up will be done by Lois Ford and Solent Pro team using Illamasqua and hair will be done by Philipp Haug and the TONI&GUY Session Team using label.m Professional Haircare. HANACHA will be showcasing their AW20 collection on Sunday 16th February from 19.30pm-20.30pm with Fashion Scout at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, WC1B 4DA.


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