Graham Tyler FW19 Collection

Graham Tyler FW19 Collection

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It’s quite difficult to pinpoint the line between memory and nostalgia. A geographic location, and a home.

Can that missed feeling be revived in text or cloth?
Is memory a meter for which to write a garment?
Can nostalgic pentameter exist?
Does painting a memory revive it?

Graham Tyler FW19 Collection

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Through text, texture, and personal iconography Graham Tyler is working to explore this personal nostalgia.

Tyler’s FW19 collection centers around the town multiple generations of his family have lived. Using a mural in the church his parents met as well as iconography from “Kindred Spirits” by Durant, the clothes take on a very modest aesthetic akin to that of the amish community which surrounds his hometown of Interlaken in up-state New York.

Using childhood misconceptions as a way to push universal nostalgia, the clothes follow no strict cultural style – fluidly moving between Amish, Pilgrim, and further.

The clothes hide many special elements, such as poems sewn in to hems, that are only perceptible to the wearer, heightening the personal connection each person can have to the clothes.

Working with a weaving studio to create potentially the first completely engineered jacquard garments ( in the hopes of reducing fabric wastage) Graham Tyler pushed tech into historical places.


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